Airborne' is the second album from Rasmus Rasmussen's Aerosol project. Starting out as a member of the post-rock band Limp (Morr Music) with band mates Jonas Munk (Manual), Jakob Skott (Syntaks) and Jess Kahr, Rasmussen helped incubate a certain sound that the of the four have nurtured in each of their solo endeavours. Rasmussen's take on the sun-drenched post-shoegaze of the "post-Limp collective" has a more defined sense of psychedelia and openness than his mates, this heightened idea of consciousness-expansion all achieved without ever being contrived, heavy handed or excessive. There is a self-awareness to 'Airborne' that can be heard in spades on the aptly titled swirly slow-burn of 'Psychedelic Coffee Buzz' : a song written about a tour of Morocco, where sleep deprivation, sunrises and strong coffee played key roles. Tracks like the bookend pieces of 'Midnight Ride Down The Mental Freeway' and 'Softly Slipping' are blissed-out electronic shoegaze featuring sure-stepped percussion, chiming guitars, synth-lines seemingly made of ether and steadfast acoustic guitar lines. This is personal listening at its best, with every song a landscape and every one of those hazy landscapes telling its own story.