Title:Black Square
Label:Rush Hour Recordings
After debuting earlier this year with the 'Plastic World' album, BNJMN returns to Rush Hour with his second long player. On 'Black Square', he evolves into a more fluid production style, largely by allowing more space into his music. By keeping his drums more sparse and light, his music takes even more of a serene, futuristic quality. A modern electronic classic, we dare to say. Braindance, anybody? Although a quick comparison is made between his music and that of early 90s UK electronica, BNJMN states that he is trying to stay current and not be influenced by the past, rather making music which is all about the moment. The 23 year old is also not too bothered about being connected to what else is going on in the musical world. Instead, he prefers to let himself be inspired by his surroundings of the sea and countryside on the south coast of England, something that definitely comes out in his music.