Title:El Topo
Label:The Index
The Index is a new project conceived by two of New York City's underground music pioneers; Raz Mesinai aka Badawi, and Dub War founder Dave Q. The label will feature original Badawi productions as well as new compositions and remixes by some of the most forward-thinking artists at the outer limits of dubstep and experimental electronics, including Shackleton, Headhunter, Spatial, Jack Dangers, Cardopusher, Oren Ambarchi and Vladislav Delay The first entry is a 12-inch leading with Badawi's dystopian club anthem 'El Topo', backed by a bespoke Shackleton interpretation of Badawi's 'Dstry <All> Prfts', featuring spoken word vocals from Vengeance Tenfold. Also included is 'Stem1', an abstract tag from Badawi's audio vaults, completing the release with a brief and unsettling sonic bonus. Composer/producer Raz Mesinai makes music at the intersection of dub and modern composition. His recordings as Badawi, mixing Middle Eastern percussion with heavy low-end frequencies and production effects, have placed him in the vaguard of the experimental electronic scene for over a decade, while his instrumental compositions have been performed by The Kronos Quartet, Maya Beiser and Philip Jeck at prestige venues from New York to London and Berlin. As Badawi, and earlier as half of Sub Dub, Mesinai has released over a dozen albums since 1994, including classics such as 'Bedouin Sound Clash' and 'Soldier of Midian', on labels such as ROIR, Asphodel, Tzadik, the Agriculture, and Instinct. Sub Dub helped pioneer the so-called Illbient sound, centred on New York in the mid-90s, Badawi tracks have been remixed by the likes of Kode 9 and DJ Spooky, and his live collaborators have included such luminaries as John Zorn, Mark Dresser, Elliott Sharp, DJ Olive and many others. Dave Q founded New York's seminal Dub War in June 2005, making it the first dubstep club in North America. The night introduced New Yorkers to pioneering artists including Kode 9, Digital Mystikz, Loefah and Skream. Its booking policy has continued to push the envelope, promoting the most forward thinking underground dance music, and it remains the USA's most vital live nexus for Generation Bass. In time, the advent of The Index series will come to be seen as a pivotal event in the development of the low end sound as it expands into wider musical environments. That tipping point is upon us now.