Title:Gibold with Scandalous Unltd Remix
Label:True Tiger
'Gibold' is True Tiger's 20th release and features Venezualen producer Cardopusher and True Tiger's Scandalous Unltd. who have recently been producing for Wiley. Gibold is the latest dubstep banger from hotly tipped Cardopusher. Cardopusher featured on True Tiger's Around The World series as well as having releases on Hyperdub and other big dubstep labels. This is his first single release on True Tiger and has been getting massive plays over the past three months from the Dubstep and dance scenes biggest DJ's. The release also includes Scandalous Unltd. uptempo dubstep remix on the flip which has also gained a lot of rotation in the past two months.
Title:Milk Thistle / Double Dragon / Jerk Pork
Lo Dubs continues to document the dubstep sound of South America with this new 12" from Venezuela's Cardopusher, an artist well known and highly regarded within many subgenres of electronic bass music. An aggressive slice of break-fuelled mechanoid dub-funk, 'Milk Thistle' was first unveiled on the LoDubs 'Analog Clash' CD, sparking much interest in the artist, and curiousity across the forums as to when the tune would be cut and pressed on vinyl. That would be now, then. On equal footing with regards to stylistic ingenuity and power are b-side 'Double Dragon' and extra track 'Jerk Pork'. The first is remarkably catchy with high pitched arpeggiated melody (seemingly hijacked from an early YMO tune) and punchy, distinct bassline, and the latter a truly original and energizing rhythmic wobbler, built around skanking guitar and an uptempo digital dancehall bassline, with strangely incongruous oriental melodic motifs. Once again, the charge is on and Lo Dubs is leading it.