Title:Clubroot (CD)
We are in the midst of a great change, both of our world, and the way we live in it. As with the seasons, these shifts are gradual, but little by little they become part of the present. The dubstep and bass sound continues to experience a parallel state of flux : of this evolution, the forms are many, and widely expressive, but none of the many new voices and styles are quite like Clubroot. A St. Alban's resident, Clubroot cut his teeth in the early part of this decade with material bearing a likeness to the futurist ideals of drum and bass producers like Optical, Ed Rush, and Nico. As dubstep began to develop its own musical language, its emerging low end sonic tropes and freedom from rhythmic clutter acted as the catalyst for Clubroot, the moment when he realized what was upon him and was instinctually galvanized into action. His epic debut album is unlike any other yet released in the wider context of dubstep, eschewing high impact rhythmic constructions and muscular bass dynamics in favour of rolling grandeur and elaborately-realised emotive scenes, as thematically profound and vast in conception as it is uniquely expressive. 140 bpm tempos and lurching club-tooled sequences are not part of the Clubroot modus operandum : instead we encounter massive bass vistas, intricate garage-influenced spiralling beats, evocative melodic narratives that unwind to reveal fascinating bright flowers and surges of liquid colour, and a sense of stately beauty rarely encountered in electronic music. Like a map of an undiscovered audio landscape, these 10 tracks illustrate a collection of distinct environments which collectively create a whole set of shared senses, their seemingly otherworldly qualities primed to generate vivid emotional responses to be deeply embedded in the memory. Clubroot's irresistable siren pull is already winning over fans among the few who have already been exposed to his expansive gathering clouds of sound. Mary Anne Hobbs was quick to commission a mix for her world-renowned Radio 1 show, and will include Clubroot on her next Planet Mu compilation. Meanwhile, word spreading like a looming thunderstorm across the forums and blogs has generated huge anticipation among forward-thinking bass music fans, clamouring for the release of this view into the future.