Title:Beats From The 90's (Vol 2)
Label:Ghetto Man Beats
Beats From The 90s Vol. 2' features 13 more slept on quality beats from K-Def's stint working with Marley Marl at the House of Hits during hip hop's second Golden Age. These selected tracks showcase his varied taste, and maturity in production, rescued from broken DAT tapes and floppy disks. This set offers a glimpse of what could have been, with superior tracks that would have given any MC or rapper of that period the proper footing too forge classic material. K-Def's weapons of choice were the Roger Linn endorsed Akai MPC 3000 and S-3000. One of the first producers to utilize these machines, K-Def cemented his legendary status as a maestro of the beats, with his sample heavy classic; 'The Turnaround : A Long Awaited Drama'. the new tools allowing his tracks to emit subtle eerie strings, and giving his drums perfect cadence and impact. A genius at fine-tuning his arrangements, his beats and productions usually feature obscure samples, used to sculpt the perfect notes and drum kits. 'The Magnumz' offers up lush crescendos that rise and fall with grace. 'Preying Mantis' is straight Hitchcock vision on cruise control with controlled strings that stab and strike on cue. 'Survive The Blast' is fined tuned to have a cinematic feel; audio imbued with a killer instinct. Created between 1992 and1996, these tracks offer an assortment of beats, from dirty funk to melodic choices to straight all out drama, with that head-nodding factor assured.