Lando Kal / Stillcold Mysteries

Artist:Lando Kal / Stillcold Mysteries
Stillcold Records presents the first chapter in a new white label series re-purposing classic house sounds with a modern bent. Volume 1witnesses Berlin's consistently on-point Lando Kal revisiting a notorious acappella, hanging it on the lushest of synth stabs and cinematic, pulsating drops with develish woodblocks aimed squarely at the darkest of warehouse dancefloors. The B Side reveals the debut of the Stillcold Mysteres project, re-working another, altogether different vocal hook from the house canon. Laid back, fully swagged jacking bottom-end house for the hyper-colour set. With holograms. Strictly limited hand stamped 12" vinyl only, meticulously mastered and cut specifically for needle-to-groove action at D&M.