Title:Digital Dreamer
Mensah's debut release on the HENCH imprint, Pulse 80's, turned heads with its stylish production and out-of-the-box approach. His follow-up release, 'Untitled Future Funk EP', was all the talk on the blogs and his remix of Baby D's 'Let me be your Fantasy' has been hailed as one of the hallmark dubstep tracks of 2010. With each new release Mensah's studio skills and fresh thinking stand out ever clearer. This latest offering will be no disappointment... A. DIGITAL DREAMER A dreamy synth-line commences 'Digital Dreamer', which immediately sets the scene for one of Mensah's more ethereal productions. The harmonic lead-line builds into an other-worldly riff before releasing that tripped-out, bouncing bass rhythm. Synths let loose overhead, twisting and turning the track into the funky number that it is. Once again, something different from the man like Mensah... AA1. KASHMIR (W/NOAH D) Teaming up with US producer, Noah D, the duo creates an echoey and foreboding backdrop to 'Kashmir'. The mystic vibe quickly graduates with a captivating bassline, weaving its way through the frequencies. Kashmir has achieved that perfect balance between being musicallyintriguing and packing punch for the dancefloor. AA2. BIG UP THE GOONS A familiar arpeggio gently makes way for a gully-goon vocal. You're then met with a shuddering bassline that goes a long way to create a haunting yet driven soundtrack. Forwardmoving and weighty, the mid-section provides a brief pause for reflection before reverting back to fully-flexed low-end funk.