Pacheko / DJ100Mado

Artist:Pacheko / DJ100Mado
Title:Figure 8 (12" + CD Single)
Strangely enough, if you want to get a headful of much of the bass music currently coming out of Venezuela, you have to go to Japan, and the primary source once there would be Tokyo's Murder Channel, a long running club night which has played host to artists as diverse as Melt Banana to Goth Trad, and also a label. Amongst the other releases featuring Venezuelan artists appearing in the last couple of years, such as Cardopusher's album 'Unity Means Power', came the Pacheko/DJ 100mado collaboration CD, which was released at the back end of 2009. LoDubs, having a long running relationship with both the VZ and JP cultures, has taken up the charge to spread a bit of this material to the rest of the planet. Pacheko's 'Figure 8' is the quintessential builder, with percussion quite stiff and pronounced, and bass weight to challenge any soundsystem, but the melody and rhythm married to these elements are remarkably light, full of interplay ... even elegant, in a way all their own. In ccontrast, 'Trance 8' from DJ 100mado, while not a complete departure, gives a suggestion of where the anthemic sound of dubstep could go in years to come, riding on an almost overwhelming arpeggiated melody, with dry snares that play cadence to the progression, and a throbbing underbelly of sub that lets loose like an invisible wobble beneath it all. The bonus CDEP accompanying this 12-inch - as is now the generous habit for the always-more-props-due LoDubs - features both vinyl cuts, plus Pacheko's 'Lockdown' remixed by DJ 100mado, and Pacheko & Cardopusher's rebuild of DJ 100mado's 'Side Life'.