Title:Western Soul Remixes (Feat. Rasco)
Label:Breakin Even
Parker is set to become one to watch in 2008. On his second single, 'Western Soul', Parker's unique brand of dance floor production has been taken up another notch. A collaboration with legendary West Coast rapper, Rasco takes this track into a fresh dimension for the beat headz, from the very outset of the track you know this is gonna be BIG! Packed with killer remixes, bringing the Funk, Breakbeat and Drum and Bass respectively, 'Western Soul' is a speed-building package covering all corners of the dancefloor. Kidda fires the starting pistol with a funky uplifting hip hop mix followed by a riff-driven rework by Beathoven. Meeting in the middle are Groove Diggers and White Papoo with a double serving of gritty summertime breakbeat. Aphrodite's trademark drum and bass styles tie it all up with two stunning mixes.