Ten Letters (CD + DVD) front
Title:Ten Letters (CD + DVD)
Label:Creative Space

Spyros Polychronopoulos aka Spyweirdos is arguably the best known contemporary Greek experimental electronic producer, with five previous albums to his name since 2003, who has collaborated with or been remixed by some of today's most important sound artists, including Alva Noto, Funckarma, Octex, Hecq, B. Fleischmann, Ollie Olsen, Traject, and Murcof. At present he is completing a PhD on acoustics and noise control. 'Ten Letters' is the follow up to last year's thematically-related 'Ten Numbers', itself an album based on field recordings with very tense parts. 'Ten Letters' is his most abstract work by far with distorted fields and high frequencies creating the melodic elements, taking the pair of "Ten" concept recordings on to a different level.

Also included is a DVD of 10 short films created to accompany the respective CD tracks, in the same mood as the audio with abstract layers and landscapes building geometrical shapes.

In parallel with 'Ten Numbers', 'Ten Letters' develops emotional sonic landscapes from a combination of minimal glitch electronica and acoustic instrumentation, eschewing Spyweirdos' previous flirtation with 4x4 beats and minimal techno, and instead focussing on depth of sound and atmosphere with smart transitions from acoustic to electronic sound collages. This marriage of acoustic and digital electronic takes place with extreme virtuosity, with the result being full of contradictions, bringing in mind the transition between day and night, hope and desperation, something obvious also through the videos which oscillate between black and white, light and darkness. The landscape is at times familiar, at others unknown and distant, a point where past and future meet... a most mature work, taking the listener through paths which lead sometimes to the sentimentality of electronica, and at others to the awe of academic electroacoustic music. Post-production by Murcof.

Track details:

1. s
2. w
3. r
4. e
5. p
6. o
7. y
8. i
9. d
10. s