Title:Material / Rock Tonight (Bombaman Remixes)
The first of a string of new releases for the early part of the year from the always erudite and adventurous LoDubs, this 12" guns the engine with a bit of hybrid action, and marks the return of Toronto's own Bombaman. As with his refixing of Solvent's 'Think Like Us', the first release on the bespoke LoDubs Special Request imprint last year, the styles touched upon here are instantly relevant, and at the same time offer a new and alternative sonic combination. Taking source material from Toronto synth/disco/house production and DJ duo Syntonics, 'Material' opens up with a mighty, shuffling piece of genius, towed forward by a monstrous, oozing bassline. However, the backing rhythm and its stilted shuffling cacophany of drums may remind many of something more in the backyard of DJ Assault crossed with Herbert on a caffeinated day, rather than the 4-beat dubstep son du jour. If you really have to, call it Funky and make it a stepping-stone across the ever-decreasing gap over which dubstep and bassline stares longingly at b-more club and fidgety house sounds. Completing a perfect pair, another Syntonics remix 'Rock Tonight' arrives at lower velocity but arguably more aggressively, following an open drum signature which allows for a high-meets-low frequency interplay that when properly amplified almost seems to make the air wiggle in front of your face, like a hot day in Arizona. Yes, it wobbles, but like the Earth's crust does after faultline displacement.