Title:Break The Funk
Label:Breakbeat Paradise
Attention all funky breakbeat heads! The Danish independent label AuditoryDesigns is proud to present the full-length debut Break the Funk by BadboE. We have listened to his groovy tracks over and over at the office and cannot seem to get enough. This crispy breakbeat bomb is meant to kick some flavour to the floor and we are sure that a lot of DJs will find BadboE's touch on the genre refreshing. Break the Funk consists of 15 original tracks with plenty of sampling, scratches, good beats and a praised remix of Dynamite made by All Good Funk Alliance (AGFA). BadboE gets his inspiration from late 60's and 70's funky productions like other breakbeat artists, and has refined it all in his mix with 80's vocals and hooks. On "Funky Medley" MC Sens One is guest performing and Linn Lavinsky from Phat Old Mamas (has worked with Marc Collin from Nouvelle Vagues) is spicing "Spread the Words" up, with her highly addictive and sensual voice. BadboE has already released numerous EPs among them Loose your Funky Self and most recently Dynamite also on AuditoryDesigns, both received good responses from funk DJs all over the world, both title tracks are included on Break the Funk. BadboE proves that you do not need to be born American to make some heavy funk-influenced catchy tunes. With the approach of bringing UK-style breaks in combination with soulful vocal samples and elements from the Danish hip-hop heritage, he has his own distinctive sound. At AuditoryDesigns we are not afraid to say that BadboE is one of the most interesting musicians at the funky part of the Scandinavian scene. So tune the ears in at planet Break the Funk, it's partytime!
Artist:Marc Mac
Title:Message From Soulville
Label:Omniverse Records
Eclectic Music Producer and DJ Marc Mac (from 4hero) returns with another Mixtape Style album following on from 'Extend The Knowledge" & "It's Right To Be Civil". Marc's formula of Boom Bap Beats, Breaks, Jazz and Soul pull together soundbites from the Vietnam War era. Beats are intertwined with soundbites from the 1960's Vietnam War protest era where African American's were sent to fight during the Civil Rights period in the USA.
Title:Run For Cover
Label:Jalapeno Records
Featurecast (Lee Mintram to his mum) has an album about to drop with a serious seasoning of top vocalists including Greg Blackman (a mainstay of the album), high flying UK bluesman John Turrell, Hospital Records D&B vocalist of choice Pat Fulgoni, plus Alaska MC, C. Reid, Dynamic and Pugs Atomz dropping urban science whenever and wherever required. Prior to signing to Jalapeno, Featurecast has released on a variety of happening labels like Bomb Strikes, Good Groove and Catskills as well as Funk Weapons in the US and the burgeoning Ghetto Funk label in the UK. One of his early productions was even snapped up by Apple to promote the IPOD - yep those ads with the silhouettes dancing round - that was our boy. His DJ sets are the stuff of legend and he regularly tours North America and Australia where his brand of bass fuelled turntablism is in serious demand.Featurecast has crafted his own unique sound combining amazing pinpoint scratching whilst effortlessly cutting between Funk, Hip-Hop, Breaks, Dubstep and Drum & Bass. He's dazzled the crowds of some of the biggest festivals and venues around the globe withCanada's legendary Shambhala festival being the scene of one of his biggest triumphs. Featurecast has shared productions duties on previous releases with legends of the bass scene like Krafty Kuts and house heavyweight James Zabiela (who credits Lee with teaching him to scratch) as well as remixing everyone from Aretha Franklin to Finley Quaye. Basically his whole life has been building towards this album and now his time has come.
Title:Tubed EP
Label:Hand Baked Records
Skuge is Hugues Croibien, a 30 year old Belgian electronic music producer who brings a whole new level of detail, sounds and expression to the current underground bass music movement. Seen live alongside some of the scene's most respected producers including Kanji Kinetic, Mustard Gunn, Ebola and Subjex, SkŁge certainly has a unique and powerful sound you will struggle to find elsewhere. Imagine this... inspiration from the micro-edit, mash-up ways of breakcore, combine it with ragga and reggae vibes and then play it out through a towering sound system in an '80s video game arcade. An awesome concoction of well produced beats, blips and melodies enabling you to take control of any dance floor, get the most concerted beat diggers head-nodding as well as defeat that end of level boss! The opening track 'Runn On A Band' will take any current beatstrumental and permanently overwrite it with addictive head-nodding vibes. 'Mesecina' brings on the broken but flowing beats with an 8-bit, snake-charming lead. 'Katerish' lifts the pounding rhythm to the next level with it's dancehall beat, evolving and rumbling bassline and retuned rave hoovers. 'Robotator Kinely Abstract' brings a collapsing bit-crunched beat and chipped-out bass and lead, sure to make people pull all the shapes on the dance floor. 'Billy Hillys' takes over the club with its 4/4 percussion, driving yet stuttered kick drum and micro-edit bass. 'Gambula' drops the amens in to the mix to great effect with an amazing and complex combined bass and lead. 'Grieg' uses a clever bassline reworked from the Inspector Gadget theme tune and finally 'Mario' is the well-known Nintendo game theme tune with an awesome AFX-esque bouncing ball drum pattern. This release will be a strictly limited 100-copy CD with screen printed fold out poster-sleeve and digital download code.
Artist:Lost Idol
Title:In Time & Space EP
2010 was a productive year for Lost Idol, the alter-ego of producer/DJ/label-owner James Dean. He released his second album, 'Brave The Elements', to great acclaim, deftly crafting a record of electronic-based music that sparkled with invention & reflected influences across the board from krautrock to dubstep to psychedelia & beyond. This led to live shows alongside esteemed artists such as Caribou, Fujiya & Miyagi, Pantha Du Prince & Dextro.

His first new work for 2011, entitled 'In Time & Space', was written specifically for a Lost Idol performance at London's beautiful Union Chapel; due to the huge space & reverberating acoustics within the building, James put together a new set which by & large ditched the drums & instead focused on building many different layers of sound & textures using a variety of analogue synths, treated guitars & looped vocals creating something all-absorbing & spatial. The result is one extensive piece with four distinct sections that ebb & flow, crescendo & fade, pulling the listener into an immersive soundscape that aptly reflects the mystique & majesty of the space for which it was designed.

It's a truly absorbing listen & once again shows Lost Idol to be constantly progressing, this time pushing his sound towards the realms of ambient, kosmiche musik & beyond.
Corrosion' is the sound-expanding and often-stunning new album from one of Ireland's unsung electronic heroes, Anodyne'. Known for his mind shredding live shows, Colin N Cloughley aka Anodyne returns after a 14 year hiatus to present his latest opus, which effortlessly blends elements of old skool rave, electro and breakbeat into a darkly beautiful electronic LP. Thinking of himself as more of a programmer than a musician, Anodyne utilizes his own, home built plug-ins and circuit bent instruments to great effect throughout the album's 12 tracks. From the outset of minimalistic opener 'When The Sky Fell Down', swiftly followed by the epic strings and breakbeats of 'Close Your Eyes', the listener is lead into experiments in dark electro, acid and ambient before returning to the stunning 'Wasteland', with its driving electronic pulse surrounded by warm, sombre strings, evoking memories of the glory days of electronic innovation. 'Chemical Sunset', which was inspired by a drive through Dublin as sunlight faded, is a beautiful example of the Anodyne's artistic vision of techno. 'Walk Into Darkness', a dark ambient journey ruptured with clinical, austere beats leads into the albums closing track, the end of the night anthem, 'Alchemy'. Taking influence from classic electronic albums by Autechre, Black Dog and U-Ziq, 'Corrosion' was made for those who dream of the future.
Artist:Various Artists
Title:Taobh Tuathail #3
An Taobh Tuathail Vol. III' is the new compilation CD from RTE (Ireland) cult underground music show An Taobh Tuathail ("The Other Side"), which celebrates ten years on the air this year. The 15 track compilation is once again compiled by mainman Cian 0 Ciobhain. In his own words O Ciobhain says: "The CD features torch songs from contemporary female vocalists such as Essie Jain and Roshi ft Pars Radio. It also includes elegiac electronica from Gdsank-based composer Jacasek, and The Caretaker, an artist currently residing in Berlin, whose explorations in music and memory have intrigued me. There's a beautiful song from Austin band Peter & The Wolf which has been played regularly on the show since its release in 2006. Also, to have stellar songs from established artists like Animal Collective and Circlesquare on the disc means a lot to me. Closer to home, the CD includes tracks by Dublin's Rollers/Sparkers, Kilkenny's R.S.A.G. and Galway's Loner Deluxe and B-Movie Lightning (aka Mike Smalle, previously of Cane 141, whose tracks were featured on the other two compilations). Elsewhere, Mount Kimbie's magical dub-excursion 'Maybes' was the first track played on the show in 2009... so let the disc speak for itself...
Artist:Various Artists
Title:Boum Tchic Tchak
Label:Poor Records
The idea of a musical compilation for children took seed little by little. Initially envisioned as an extension of the role of their starry-eyed little miss DJ, the project soon took a much more universal turn. The basic concept, of a music compilation for babies and pregnant women, was rapidly enriched by the work and influence of the many artists involved to the project. They fed their influence, respective capabilities and style into the mix, and the result: we are taken in by the Quenums African rythms and enchanted by an electronic nursery rhyme from DJ Lad.

Their double compilation - a dynamic mix of musical material - was forged around two principal themes - the first, awakening and motion, is soberly entitled "Wake Up", and the other, based around sleep and bedtime is entitled, of course, "Sleep Well". The link between these two contrasting themes is, of course, the world of children, but it is also that of electronic music production. That is, music based on computer programming (even if, in some cases, there might be some analogue intruments involved). Sonic creative freedom gave life to an uncomparable patchwork of influences, creating a extraordinary musical toy, and quite surprisingly, an effective pedagogical tool, that opens up kids minds, as well as those of their parents, to an unexpected facet of electronic music, where it meets the magical world of childrens imagination - let yourself be swept away.

Includes exclusive tracks by...

Chloe, Le Tone, Amiina, Howie B & Craig Richards, The Gasman, Ivan Smagghe & Tim Paris, Seelenluft, Supermayer, Colleen, Tocotronic and many more.
Artist:Various Artists
Title:Nang Presents: The Array Vol 1

Its one year on from our decision to start our new record label, Nang. Despite reaching hitting new levels in the pecuniary sensibility department, we have an upcoming schedule full of some of the most amazing music.

Much in the way our Daddy label Tirk produces its best-of / new&cool compilation range TIRK01, TIRK02 etc... we have followed suit. 'The Array' is a new series of all that is great in Nang world.

A big part of 2009 for us was the Space project. We've spent some of the craziest and most entertaining evenings with JP Iliesco Space head-honcho through the year... It would have been sacrilegious to open up with any other tune. Here is Magic Fly (for the last time we promise).

Slovenian Sare Havlicek is one of the aforementioned upcoming highlights, he is studio bound but his laid back groove 'Lazy Summer' slinks in as track two. Next up are Balearic brothers Foto with their sultry, rolling-moroder-bass smoocher. UK based Phelps lightens proceedings with his whimsical synths and irrepressibly happy synth-disco, 80's groover.

Scene cool-cat Toby Tobias is next up with his floor led stomper 'Rock You Will'. Manchester housers Weekender follow things with the olfactory titled 'Danny Pong' (no we don't know who that is either). Label uber-pals Sugardaddy present their Ilya Santana re-rub of Love Honey and Tony Underground includes his 'Omission'.

Genre-chameleon Pete Gooding and cool customer Chris Coco pair up for the next track, 'Night Dance' winging its Balearic-disco way to full release in the late Spring. Weighing in on the disco-legend-ometer Beppe Lodas MC1 project is next, Counter is all soaring synths and italo groove. We slow things down to round off with the exclusive 'Flip Flop' from Sorcerer and the haunting, down-tempo, smoulder of 'Power Of Prayer' from Ricardo Jefferson & Very Jon.
Artist:Ulrich Schnauss
Title:Missing Deadlines - Selected Remixes
Label:Rocket Girl
Although strictly speaking a remix album, 'Missing Deadlines' sees Schnauss adopt the role of a master orchestrator or alchemist, rearranging and restructuring the songs of his contemporaries, as opposed to simply adorning each with throwaway beats-by-numbers. The record is a testament to Schnauss's unique aural vision, showcasing his undeniable grasp of heart-warming, heart-wrenching melody. Schnauss's telltale signiture sounds are present in each track - whether it be the ever-oscillating synth patterns, the rich, reverb-laden voices, or the euphoric beats - whilst simultaneously remaining true to the spirit of the originals. "Essentially what makes me really happy about this album is the fact that it's a selection of the - in my opinion - best mixes from a musical point of view, rather than a compilation of the commercially most succesful ones, or the tracks that have the biggest names associated with them. In all cases, the original songs are already great in their own right - which made it really inspiring to work with them." - Ulrich Schnauss
DJ Spooky-The Secret Song
CD |
Funky Breaks
The Secret Song front
Artist:DJ Spooky
Title:The Secret Song
Label:Thirsty Ear
DJ Spooky's new project "The Secret Song" isn't really an album: it's a manifesto about the place of history in our modern collaged, scrambled, sampla-delic to the core, mega info overloaded digital culture. With references stretching from Thorstein Veblens "Theory of the Leisure Class" and John Maynard Keynes classic in the 'eld of economics "The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money" over to hip hop's relationship to psychoanalysis and a la Edward Bernay's concept of the "manufacture of consent" - DJ Spooky's new album is a groundbreaking meditation on hip hop and electronic musics relationship to philosophy, economics, and the science of sound in a world where the steady drumbeat of the 'nancial meltdown has made music the last refuge of young people with less and less time and money. DJ Spooky's peer group of artists like DJ Krush, DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, RJD2, DJ Logic, Amon Tobin, and Coldcut have all played with the idea of concept albums. With "The Secret Song" DJ Spooky looks to bands like Nine Inch Nails, and Radiohead for inspiration. As DJ Spooky likes to say "people - it's ALL about economics." Dig'
Airborne' is the second album from Rasmus Rasmussen's Aerosol project. Starting out as a member of the post-rock band Limp (Morr Music) with band mates Jonas Munk (Manual), Jakob Skott (Syntaks) and Jess Kahr, Rasmussen helped incubate a certain sound that the of the four have nurtured in each of their solo endeavours. Rasmussen's take on the sun-drenched post-shoegaze of the "post-Limp collective" has a more defined sense of psychedelia and openness than his mates, this heightened idea of consciousness-expansion all achieved without ever being contrived, heavy handed or excessive. There is a self-awareness to 'Airborne' that can be heard in spades on the aptly titled swirly slow-burn of 'Psychedelic Coffee Buzz' : a song written about a tour of Morocco, where sleep deprivation, sunrises and strong coffee played key roles. Tracks like the bookend pieces of 'Midnight Ride Down The Mental Freeway' and 'Softly Slipping' are blissed-out electronic shoegaze featuring sure-stepped percussion, chiming guitars, synth-lines seemingly made of ether and steadfast acoustic guitar lines. This is personal listening at its best, with every song a landscape and every one of those hazy landscapes telling its own story.
Title:Break The Funk
Label:Auditory Designs
Attention all funky breakbeat heads! The Danish independent label Auditory Designs is proud to present the full-length debut Break the Funk by BadboE. This crispy breakbeat bomb will kick some flavour to the floor and get those funky legs moving from Copenhagen to Houston, from DC to Sydney!

Break the Funk consists of 15 original tracks with plenty of sampling, scratches, good beats and a praised remix of Dynamite made by All Good Funk Alliance (AGFA). BadboE gets his inspiration from late 60's and 70's funky productions and has refined it all in his mix with 80's vocals and hooks.

On "Funky Medley" MC Sens One is guest performing and Linn Lavinsky from Phat Old Mamas (has worked with Marc Collin from Nouvelle Vague) is spicing "Spread the Words" up, with her highly addictive and sensual voice.

BadboE proves that you do not need to be born American to make some heavy funk-influenced catchy tunes. With the approach of bringing UK-style breaks in combination with soulful vocal samples and elements from the Danish hip-hop heritage, he has his own distinctive sound. So tune the ears in at planet Break the Funk, it's party time!
Various Artists-Bryan G Presents Liquid V Club Sessions Vol 3
2xCD |
Drum & Bass
Bryan G Presents Liquid V Club Sessions Vol 3 front
Artist:Various Artists
Title:Bryan G Presents Liquid V Club Sessions Vol 3
Label:Liquid V
This double CD feast comprises 33 tracks featuring classics like Lemon D's 'I can't Stop', remixed by Zero T. New Brazilian signings; Level 2 and Acuna bring the heat out of Sao Paulo. Liquid V favorites, S.P.Y, Mosus and Kabuki, are joined by new boys, Tayla and Furney. Roni Size makes a guest appearance, showcasing new vocalist, Joe on 'Rolling Stone'. This is vintage Roni, on this cover of a classic Temptations track, reminiscent of when he first came onto the scene, chopping up tunes with a fresh approach. Fellow Bristol native, D Product joins forces with Hollie G who delivers her trademark smooth, yet hard vocals on 'Tell Me How'. Serum and Calibre also make guest appearances. On CD2 you can catch a few gems you might have missed in the full unmixed version, including Calibre's 'Drowning' Kabuki's 'Beyond Words and Mosus & Zero T 'Call Waiting'. CD2 is deeper in the vibe, and there are a couple of down-tempo tracks from the new blood; Eveson, Mosus and S.P.Y mixing up the flavour a little, but still keeping it Liquid. This is not just a collection of tunes; it is a complete album that showcases some of the finest D&B talent, both established and new. The track list is mighty, the compilation as a whole; even mightier.
Artist:LJ Kruzer
Title:Manhood & Electronic
Label:Uncharted Audio
LJ Kruzer is Stephen Fiske, a resident of London, England, and producer of melodic electronic music, using the piano as a common theme, with a focus on ambience and synth drones. The son of a Wiltshire vicar, Kruzer began writing music on a Yamaha keyboard that his father used to accompany hymn singing in church, taking influence from the early work of Mouse On Mars, Tindersticks and Miles Davis. Following a string of well-received singles for Uncharted Audio and appearances on likeminded labels such as Ai, his debut album 'This Is How I Write' garnered critical acclaim from the likes of Mary Anne Hobbs and Mixmaster Morris and led to a memorable appearance at the Big Chill festival. Returning to the studio to create a more streamlined sound, where the emphasis moved from beats and melody to variations in sonic texture, drawing inspiration from a broad spectrum of contemporary electronic music and pioneers such as Brian Eno and Isao Tomita, the results can be heard on his second album 'Manhood & Electronics' digital-only taster for the album entitled "Tam Variations" which included eight experimental reworkings of one of the album tracks was an instant success and topped blog aggregator "The Hype Machine"'s 'most popular' chart. File next to: Stars of the Lid, Tobias Hume, Steve Reich, Aphex Twin, Boards Of Canada, Fennesz
Artist:Keaver & Brause
Title:The Middle Way
Label:Dealmaker Records
After the release of the critically acclaimed 'Lemurian' by Lone, Dealmaker decided it was best to wait until they discovered an artist that was equal or better then what had come before. Now is that time and they're proud to introduce Keaver & Brause. For better or worse, Tom Keaver and Tom Brause probably have more to do with introducing the beat into beat music than anyone else. Keaver is a veteran of the Ceder studio system, known as a sound effects man but in fact, something of an innovator in electronic music. Brause, a dozen years younger and looking like a baby, has moved from Worksop to Berlin to London to Nottingham, working as a folk singer, and session musician, and is becoming more and more interested in beat sculpting. Their debut album 'The Middle Way' twists a broad spectrum of elements to create hip hop founded electronics that relish the use of hazy samples and spiraling rhythms. Landing somewhere between Dabrye, Lukid and BOC, 'The Middle Way' is drenched in the sound of a youth spent locked in the studio - crafting the kind of intricately plotted instrumentals that unfold with textured detail, yet never hurry their slow-burn predilection. Alongside the likes of Lone, Paul White and Bullion, Keaver & Brause are at the vanguard of new producers aiming to snap your neck through persuasion over precision.
Ten Letters (CD + DVD) front
Title:Ten Letters (CD + DVD)
Label:Creative Space

Spyros Polychronopoulos aka Spyweirdos is arguably the best known contemporary Greek experimental electronic producer, with five previous albums to his name since 2003, who has collaborated with or been remixed by some of today's most important sound artists, including Alva Noto, Funckarma, Octex, Hecq, B. Fleischmann, Ollie Olsen, Traject, and Murcof. At present he is completing a PhD on acoustics and noise control. 'Ten Letters' is the follow up to last year's thematically-related 'Ten Numbers', itself an album based on field recordings with very tense parts. 'Ten Letters' is his most abstract work by far with distorted fields and high frequencies creating the melodic elements, taking the pair of "Ten" concept recordings on to a different level.

Also included is a DVD of 10 short films created to accompany the respective CD tracks, in the same mood as the audio with abstract layers and landscapes building geometrical shapes.

In parallel with 'Ten Numbers', 'Ten Letters' develops emotional sonic landscapes from a combination of minimal glitch electronica and acoustic instrumentation, eschewing Spyweirdos' previous flirtation with 4x4 beats and minimal techno, and instead focussing on depth of sound and atmosphere with smart transitions from acoustic to electronic sound collages. This marriage of acoustic and digital electronic takes place with extreme virtuosity, with the result being full of contradictions, bringing in mind the transition between day and night, hope and desperation, something obvious also through the videos which oscillate between black and white, light and darkness. The landscape is at times familiar, at others unknown and distant, a point where past and future meet... a most mature work, taking the listener through paths which lead sometimes to the sentimentality of electronica, and at others to the awe of academic electroacoustic music. Post-production by Murcof.

Track details:

1. s
2. w
3. r
4. e
5. p
6. o
7. y
8. i
9. d
10. s

Artist:Blu Mar Ten
Label:Exceptional Records
LIMITED RE-PRESS. Blu Mar Ten have been widely acknowledged and respected since their early releases on Good Looking and occupy a unique position being considered Kings of Chill Out and Dons of the Drum and Bass scene all at the same time. Fully paid up members of the Blu Mar Ten fan club include Ben Watt, Tom Middleton (who included 'All Over Again' on his compilation for Renaissance - One More Tune), Pete Lawrence, Doc Scott and Teebee. 'If this was a soundtrack then the movie directors would be spielberg, ridley scott and ang lee! Epic and intense with visually stunning and deeply moving scenes.' Tom Middleton
Artist:Various Artists
Title:This Is What The Universe Sounds Like
Label:Universal Vibes
Universal Vibes is proud to present its first label compilation, a retrospective looking back at their first year of digital and vinyl releases and also previewing a few new faces and forthcoming releases. With it's freestyle music policy, taking in broken beats, dubstep, deep house, techno, hip hop, funk, soul, disco and all points between, label founder Paddy Freeform describes the sound as Future Soul Music for the dance floor. The album showcases music from Surra, Andy Ash, Poussez, Jafar and Bobby Strobe, The Onas, Strange Worlds, Jaffasurfa and Young David. Label head honcho Paddy Freeform gets involved producing a few exclusive re-edits and remixes under his Soulsonix production alias, as well as mixing the CD. 'This Is What The Universe Sounds Like Part 1' rounds up the deep dancefloor side of the label's output. Part 2 will feature the more downbeat, laid back sounds and will be released later in the year.
Artist:Various Artists
Title:Anagram Jam
Label:Fat City
"Anagram Jam" is a deeply covert production in the form of an album featuring 15 edits by two highly informed and inscrutable musical archivists. To cover their true identities these agents are using the anagramed pseudonyms Tandy Love and Mad Smooth, as a further clue they hail from the Manchester based label BMusic. The names of the track sources have been also been disguised so scrabble the rabble to reveal the mixed-up monikers of your new favourite freak-funk psychedelic song smiths. All tracks are de-pipped with minimal pith and added juicy bits. Maximized, marmalised, shredded and preserved using the finest ingredients from the fruitful pastures of our pear shaped planet. The album truly is an international affair combining elements from England, Korea, Turkey, Russia, France, Israel, India, America & Spain.
Title:Early Output
Label:Temporary Residence Ltd
For most bands, two years is maybe just enough time to write, record and release an album. For Fridge, their first two years as a group saw them self-producing nearly 50 tracks spread over two full-length albums and half a dozen singles and EPs. Released on Trevor Jackson's fledgling Output Recordings, Fridge's music playfully skated all over the musical map, jumping from bashing lo-fi punk to sublime expanses of downtempo dance with equal enthusiasm. Always produced by the band at home (and often mixed directly to cassette), Fridge's early output drew much fanfare, sparking an unlikely major label bidding war for their follow-up, the exquisite, densely-layered 'Eph'. With Output Recordings now defunct, and Fridge having spawned no less than three successful side-projects (most notably Four Tet, Adem and Kieran Hebden's collaborations with jazz legend Steve Reid), 'Early Output 1996-1998' is a band-curated collection of the most memorable tracks from those wildly prolific early years, including six previously unreleased tracks from that era. Remastered from the original master tapes, the package also includes photos and extensive liner notes from the friends, collaborators, and the band themselves.
Artist:Luke Vibert
Label:Sound Of Speed
Luke Vibert goes back to his hip hop roots with his fantastic new CD for Tokyo based label, Sound Of Speed. With many classic releases on such seminal labels as Ninja Tune, Warp, Rephlex, Rising High, Mo Wax and others under an array of alias's (Wagon Christ, Kerrier District, Plug), there is no need to introduce the man! On his latest album "Rhythm" Luke explores wonky instrumental hip hop beats perfect for all beat junkies, head nodders and of course straight-up Vibert fans. With the current trend for all things beat science, Luke's latest production should hit the spot.
Artist:Boards Of Canada
Title:Trans Canada Highway EP
Trans Canada Highway by Boards of Canada was released on May 29, 2006 by Warp Records. According to Boards of Canada's official site, the EP was originally scheduled for release on June 6, 2006 (that date being written numerically as 6/6/06, harking back to their use of the number 666 on the album Geogaddi).
Artist:Boards Of Canada
Title:Music Has The Right To Children
Music Has the Right to Children is given a re-release by Warp/Skam! Originally released in 1998 the Scottish duo utilize field recordings and intense sound manipulation to create their unique sound. It is arguably their most critically acclaimed album and is a must for everybody's collection. The re-release come with the bonus track "Happy Cycling" which was originally featured on the Peel Session release. A timeless album.
Artist:Aphex Twin
Title:Selected Ambient Works Vol II
This ambient double album by Richard D. James under his Aphex Twin moniker, was originally released in 1994. It is a follow-up to 1992's Selected Ambient Works 85-92. Volume II differs significantly from the first volume in the series, in that the first volume is mostly beat-oriented, with complex instrumental rhythmic patterns and heavy bass frequencies. In contrast to the fast, club-inspired ambient music of its predecessor, Volume II consists of slow, moody pieces. Richard D. James has stated in interviews that the sounds in this music were inspired by lucid dreams, and that upon awaking, he would attempt to re-create the sounds and record them. He claimed that he has natural synaesthesia, which contributed to this album.
Artist:Alex Tronic
Title:To Infinity
Label:Alex Tronic Records
The critically acclaimed Scottish label Alex Tronic Records celebrates its tenth cd album release with the debut for his own label by founder Alex Tronic, otherwise known as music producer Paul Croan. Paul has previously released under the pseudonym Alex Tronic on labels which include Koyote, Peyote and Cherry Red. He has also scored music for film and TV. 'To Infinity' is a ten track album of uptempo modern electronica which includes several guest appearances from some of the label's other artists. Most of the album is in a dance music vein with guitar performances supplied mainly from Erik Tricity, a pal of Alex Tronic who fronts Scots filth rockers Metal Tech.
Artist:Bong Ra
Title:I Am The God Of Hell Fire
Label:Very Friendly
A continous exploration into the sounds and styles which fascinate him most, flirting with jungle, rave, metal, dancehall and gabber, in no particular order. One of the forerunners in the Breakcore genre, reaching a point where sampling and a diverse musical taste have fused creating the ultimate hardcore maniac's playlist .On 'I am the God of Hellfire!' the 'amen' has been given a well deserved break, and focus has been put on his trademark rave stabs and catchy haunting melodies, proving that downtempo can be as suffocating and sinister as uptempo BPMs. A host of vocalists like ex-ATR's Hanin Elias, Drop The Lime, Mike Redman and Ras Bumpa have contributed to make this nothing less than an classic in its genre, the detail in the production has given Bong-Ra's third full length album a mature, accesible sound, creating more space in which to unleash his demonic riffing, Jason Kohnen, the sonic schizo behind Bong-Ra since 1996, brings a new dimension in hardcore breakbeat territory, pitching vocals ruffer than SL2 and dropping heavier kicks than Humanoid... or maybe its just the record The Prodigy wish they had made ???
Diaspora-Cottage Industries 5
2xCD |
Cottage Industries 5 front
Title:Cottage Industries 5
Label:Neo Ouija
After a three-year hiatus, 'Diaspora : Cottage Industries 5' marks the return of the pioneering electronic music label Neo Ouija. Renowned for its critically acclaimed album releases and the Cottage Industries compilation series, Neo Ouija now offers a glimpse of things to come. Much time and consideration went into selecting 30 tracks by an international cast of musicians to celebrate the label's relaunch, resulting a massive double CD set that plots an epic journey through contemporary electronic music. The first disc surprises with a flurry of melodic techno, yet despite this change of pace, the vibe remains true to the label's trademark blend of melodic grooves and widescreen soundscapes. Whether it's Move D's machine-funk-opus 'Spacerckr' or the sun-drenched dub of 'Dpoles' by Fluxion (Chain Reaction), the music on C.I.5 oozes with character while effortlessly taking Neo Ouija's sound to the next level. The second disc showcases the playful side of the label, with their own version of braindance blissfully finding a balance between intricate rhythms and atmospheric sound design. In addition to exclusive tracks by old friends of the label like Maps And Diagrams, Sense and Seven Ark, the compilation also features unreleased material by Kangding Ray (Raster-Noton) and NQ (Kitty-Yo, Progressive Form). 'Diaspora: Cottage Industries 5' manages to bring musicians together in unexpected ways, and that's just one of the reasons why it's great to have Neo Ouija back among us. Neo Ouija was founded by Lee Norris (aka Metamatics, Norken and Nacht Plank) in 2000 and released more than thirty records until the end of 2005. With influences ranging from Detroit Techno to modern classical music, the releases on Neo Ouija always shared a melancholic, yet playful vibe. Over the years, Neo Ouija released critically acclaimed debut-albums by artists like Xela, Sense, and Deru. Other musicians that have released on Neo Ouija include Apparat, Funckarma, and Metamatics + Clatterbox. After a three year hiatus Neo Ouija now returns, under new management, but the mission remains the same : to release music they care about without chasing after passing fads. Full line-up : MXM, Move D, Tilman Ehrhorn, Remote_, Pridon, Plexus Instruments, Deer, Dimitar Dodovski, Fluxion, A Made Up Sound, a.k.a.Dings, Relapxych.0, Sense, Build Buildings, Kangding Ray, Benjamin Brunn, Maps And Diagrams, Fell, Soundhacker, Palac, Climnoizer, Seven Ark, Room, NQ, Andrey Kiritchenko, Honey Sacrifice, Nacht Plank and Shintaro Aoki.
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