Bastard Jazz

Artist:Mophono's Halftone Society
Title:The Sinicism EP
Label:Bastard Jazz
Longstanding Brooklyn label Bastard Jazz come with their next 12" from San Francisco-based DJ, artist, and producer Mophono, aka DJ Centipede. Mophono's CV is a long one - he's released a short string of incredibly successful plates on his own CB Records imprint, including the Gaslamp Killer's 'My Troubled Mind' 10", and Mophono's 'The Edge' 7", which sat at the top of Turntable Lab's bestseller list for weeks. He is also behind the groundbreaking weekly Change The Beat party in SF, an institution for beatheads, crate diggers, trainspotters, and degenerate groove junkies of all types. Under the guise of Mophono's Halftone Society, he delivers an astounding EP that beautifully manages to toe the line between past and future, organic and electronic, dancefloor and heady. Things start off with 'Hunger', a funk-fueled stomper with a monster break, horn stabs, tinkling pianos and deep moog undertones. 'Bumps' is a 103 BPM chugger that sounds like an unholy meeting between DJ Shadow, Fela Kuti and Pepper Adams with a chopped, dusty drum break, and filthy Baritone sax lines weaving in and out. 'Sinicism' furthur explores Mophono's penchant for chopping and splicing the breaks, with more larger than life Baritone sax, and an absolutley brilliant midsong change-up to a hypnotic exploration of the post-Dilla sound championed by artists like Hudson Mohawke, Flying Lotus, and Ras G, complete with flutes, sax, and a skittish, recessed break. Lastly, Natural Self (Tru Thoughts) delivers a crushing dancefloor remix of 'Sinicism' with an alternately droning and bubbling bassline, synth squiggles, big drums, tribal percussion and more chops and tricks than you can shake a stick at. Also included are bonus beats drum edits of both 'Hunger' and 'Sinicism'.
Artist:Captain Planet
Title:Speakin' Nuyorican EP
Label:Bastard Jazz
Captain Planet finally returns to Brooklyn's Bastard Jazz Recordings for his long awaited follow-up to 2005's massive 'Gumbo Funk' EP. Picking up right where he left off, the Captain delivers more of the same globally fed beats and breaks, extra heavy on the roughness that is his expected trademark. This is a killer six tracker aimed straight for DJs and dancefloors - check the heavy salsa meets chunky hip hop breaks of 'Speakin Nuyorican', or the nasty MPC-flavoured funk of 'On Your Feet', while 'Fumando' gets things smoking in upper ranges on some serious chopped up Brazilian exotica. To the flip, 'Lagos Speedway' is a dancefloor destroying Afro-style club cut with catchy guitars, a deep breakbeat, nasty synths, and riot inciting afreekah chants, while 'Fresh Delivery' is a superbly feel good instrumental downbeat anthem with horns and chopped up vocals. As an additional bonus, Athenian duo Palov and Mishkin give a loopy voodoo breaks treatment to 'Speakin Nuyorican' to round out the EP nicely. Another ruffneck Latin breakbeat sureshot from Bastard Jazz, hyped and supported by Kid Loco, DJ Sabo, Griff (Jelly Jazz), Hint (Tru Thoughts) and other top spinners.
Artist:DJ DRM
Title:Bhuna Beats EP
Label:Bastard Jazz
Brooklyn's Bastard Jazz Recordings returns a bubblin' and eclectic 12" of tracks from label head DJ DRM. In true Bastard Jazz style, the Bhunabeats EP is an absolutle amalgamation of sounds, styles, and flavors - cross referencing ska, dub, bhangra, and latin funk into the modern sounds of downtempo, breakbeat, 2-step and broken flavors. Kicking things off with a heavy nod to Prince Buster is 'Blinger On' - a 120BPM ska floor filler that pushes its way into a big breakbeat with a squelchy analogue bassline complete with a melodica skank and classic Skatelites-esque trumpet solo - perfect for bringing those 60's vibes right into 2008! Up next is 'Maya's Dub' - a bass-quaking joint with big drums, delayed out skanks, horn stabs and bits of organ slinking into late-in-the-game Portugese male vox - smooth enough for the headphone set and bumpin' enough for some early side movements. Flipping the record over, 'Creature Comforts' is a deep, uptempo joint with late-night synths, fuzzy tribal percussion, deep bass and a re-worked two-step break that flips on it's head into a Broken sound mid-way through. Wrapping up the record is a remix of 'Vidambana' by Chico Mann, also known as Marquitos Garcia - guitarist for Afrobeat supergroup Antibalas and accomplished producer in his own right, having released a couple of killer albums and singles on Holland's Kindred Spirits label. His remix sticks right by his signature analogue afro/latin sound, incorporating the Indian elements of the original into a funky synth heavy rocker that defies categorization but gets ears perked up no doubt!