Disfigured Dubz

Artist:Stryker Matthews
Title:Binary Shake / Batty Koda
Label:Disfigured Dubz
Artist:Echo Park
Title:Fiber Optic
Label:Disfigured Dubz
Out of an 8.8 earthquake, riots and severe illness comes one of the most joyful records of the year. Brian Gibbs aka Echo Park has had a colourful life to say the least, living and making music in L.A., Tokyo, Madrid, Mexico City and now Santiago, Chile where he lives with his young family. Previously a producer of dark hip hop and dub, a series of disasters made him confront mortality and decide it was time to make the music that is closest to his heart: luscious, sunshine-infused electro-funk full of laid back attitude and "real songs". Skream has always been a lover of disco, boogie and electro - as anyone who's heard one of his specialist sets or his slick'n'sleazy remix of Chromeo will know. It took just one hearing of Brian's first Echo Park tracks via a mutual friend to snap them up for Disfigured Dubz. In fact he has chosen Echo Park for the first full album on the label...but first comes this killer single, a shmoooove bit of vocoder funk that sets the tone for Echo Park's twin obsessions with technology and romance. Bundled with it are a gutbusting ravemonster of a rework by 12th Planet & Flinch that somehow still keeps the soul of the track intact, and Jon Convex taking it way underground with a deeper-than-deep analogue techno version. There's something for everyone here and this is just the beginning.
Title:Stranger Than Fiction EP
Label:Disfigured Dubz
Fresh off the back of their debut 'Puppets' LP and a very successful European DJ tour, the trio from New Zealand drop another bomb, this time on Skream's Disfigured Dubz label in the form of a four track EP 'Stranger than fiction'. Staying true to their sound, they roll out four very different tracks but all with the same distinctive Truth vibes. 'Wednesday' is first off to warm up the speaker coils and set the mood with their trademark eerie atmospheres, gut rumbling basslines and quirky paranoia educing effects. Just when you thought there was no light at the end of the tunnel, they drop a glimmer of hope with the soul warming 'Stay' with its heart wrenching strings, calming Rhodes chords and reassuring vocals, it serves well as the lull before the storm. Up next the clouds blacken again and it's deep into the jungle with 'Bubba Ho Step'. Tribal drums beat in the distance like some kind of rain dance, and so the storm begins. Sub bass slowly morphs into a pounding, precision timed, chest shattering mid range that is dealt in just the right amounts, this tune will mash up any dance floor without any repetitive overkill. Then we move into the apocalyptic aftermath of 'The Future'. Once again the paranoia sets in and we realize there really is no hope for mankind after all. A shuffling drum step and percussion, cinematic atmospheres and a simmering mid range crackle and fizz like burning embers amongst char grilled concrete ruins. Having been caned by all the main playas over the last year such as Skream, Mala, Hatcha, Joe Nice and N-Type to name a few, this is a must for your record box.
Title:Diesel / Lost Emotions
Label:Disfigured Dubz
Disfigured Dubz label introduces a relative newcomer in the shape of Kulture, a London based producer who is causing quite a buzz on the underground scene right now. 'Diesel' is his first release' already battered on dubplate for a while now by DJs such as N-Type, Skream, Chef, and Joe Nice.