Ghetto Funk

Artist:Bobby C
Title:Ghetto Funk Presents - Bobby C
Label:Ghetto Funk
After a summer hiatus from releasing EPs, we are back in a big way. Next up on the Artist series is the first American to release on our label, the all round nice guy and king of all things AV the one, the only, Bobby C Sound TV. Already getting support from the likes of Krafty Kuts (who listed Papa Grande in his top 10 tunes of last year!) you know this EP is gonna be the business. Are you ready for the funk?
Artist:Dancefloor Outlaws / Basement Freaks
Title:Allstar 45s
Label:Ghetto Funk
Third release in this vinyl only 7 inch series created for DJ to use as a weapon. We see cornish boys Dancefloor Outlaws bring a solid banger in the shape of Meet Me, one to get the girls on the floor with top vocal antics. On the flip we have the mighty Basement Freaks with a huge and already classic track Mo Diggity, supported by Featurecast, Goodgroove and anyone else who was lucky enough to get it ahead of release, listen and see.
Artist:Kool Hertz
Title:Ghetto Funk Presents - Kool Hertz
Label:Ghetto Funk
Kool Hertz started DJing and rocking crowds over 14 years ago in the South Africa & the UK. The last few years he has turned his hand to production in a big way. After a string of release, across various labels in the scene, we finally welcome his first Ghetto Funk EP. "Loads of attitude, big bottom end and his signature pounding beats. This EP has a true heavy weight feel, it sits and the Ghetto end of the spectrum."
Artist:Funk Ferret & Goodgroove / Dj Soo
Title:Allstar 45's
Label:Ghetto Funk
So after our chart topping first Allstar 45s release featuring The Dancefloor Outlaws & Coldvet, where back with another special Limited Edition 45.

First up its the turn of Ghetto Funk label manager Slim Goodgroove alongside Funk Ferret. They deliver a rather tasty slab of funk, with just the right amount of bass for their track Rockin Rollin.

On the flip DJ Soo takes on the mighty Message by Grand Master Flash and delivers something rather fresh and very unique.
Title:Ghetto Funk Presents WBBL
Label:Ghetto Funk
Little is know about new artist WBBL, some say he was brought up on a diet of misunderstood folk music and balearic basslines, others say he is the first true star to come out of Ghetto Funk scene.

Most Ghetto Funk fans have seen the rise of WBBL through our very own weekly Scoundcloud Scour hosted by brandy drinking, squirrel impersonating, Cornishman Spinforth. He first blogged WBBL way back in the summer of 2011, it soon became apparent that this guy had a unique talent. So under the guidance and direction of Spinforth he developed a string of tracks to be given away, each bettering the last.

WBBL is an artist to come from within this emerging scene, an unknown artist, but an artist with a style and sound that has instantly got recognition from some of the scenes biggest players. A.Skillz & Featurecast both featured the same track from WBBL in there last promo mixes, a track that first featured on our Scour.

So WBBL will be the first ever breakthrough artists to release an EP in our acclaimed Artists Series, a series that has change the scene itself and made super stars of the artists it features.

But hey enough of all that, we'll let the music do the talking.
Title:Ghetto Funk Presents - J-Roc
Label:Ghetto Funk
J-Roc from Sould Out Djs has quickly become a household name in the world of Djing. J-Roc is a just a straight up party rocker. After fellow country man Stickybuds went straight to the top of sales charts, Ghetto Funk welcomes fellow Maple Leaf'er J-Roc to the Crew.

J-Roc's first artist EP see's him coming in strong with 4 big club bangers in his trade mark sound and style. Taking influences from the wider funk spectrum and in turn delivering a rather tasty bag of up front beats that will no doubt push him to the top of the charts where he rightly belongs.
Title:Ghetto Funk Presents - Slynk
Label:Ghetto Funk
Evan Chandler aka Slynk has had music on the mind from birth. Naturally gifted with a musical ear he flirted with a range of classical instruments including piano, guitar and drum. It soon became apparent that his ear was best suited to his own style of funk breaks inspired bootlegs and remixes. Slynks first Artists EP for Ghetto Funk has already been getting support from some of the scenes biggest players like A.Skillz and his track Boomin even appeared on Krafty Kuts most recent promo mix. His work is highly sought after by DJs around the world while his forward momentum knows no boundaries. Expect big things from this rising star, this EP is no exception.
Label:Ghetto Funk
The latest EP from sales chart topping label Ghetto Funk brings a rising star B-Side to take up the challenge for the next in there Artist Series. After massive releases from Featurecast & Stickybuds, B Sides comes with 4 tracks guaranteed to get you on you feet and the dancefloor rocking. His first offering for Ghetto Funk is "Playa" combining samples from the classic Scar Face with a bass line that will leave you shaking in ya shelltoes. Next up "Throwing It Wild" featuring supreme vocals from New Zealand's MC Kyla and a sneaky sample from a certain "Fat Boy". On the flip "Two Blue" a funky mid tempo banger of Junglaistic Brotherly proportions. Last but not least "G Thing" the end of night floor filler to destroy the floor.
Artist:Dancefloor Outlaws / Coldvet
Title:Allstar 45's
Label:Ghetto Funk
Title:Ghetto Funk Presents - Stickybuds
Label:Ghetto Funk
After the genre defining first release, which still gets support from the likes of DJ Yoda and Krafty Kuts. Ghetto Funk are back for there second artist EP. This time its the turn of Canadian born Stickybuds. When Stickybuds is not busy touring the world, he is currently in Australia and due over to England in May, he works away crafting and defining the Ghetto Funk sound. This EP is a true example of what the sound is about with tracks ranging from 105 bpm right up to 175 bpm. A weighty EP that has been hotly anticipated and will go high in the sales charts. Ghetto Funk continue to champion there unique take on the funk spectrum, with solid percussion, big baslines and hooky vocals. This will sit comfortably alongside the previous Featurecast release and will be in the bag of many a DJ for years to come.
Title:Ghetto Funk Presents - Featurecast
Label:Ghetto Funk
From the guys behind Goodgroove & Streetwise Music comes a new blog, website and vinyl only label that will be focusing on the new recently emerging Ghetto Funk sound that's taking the mid-tempo breaks scene by storm. The first release comes from Featurecast who is one of the biggest names in the biz and contains four absolute bangers that will no doubt destroy dancefloors wherever they're dropped. All tracks are remakes of classic anthems and have given the ghetto funk treatment with massive beats and huge wobbly basslines that will send both the kids and the more mature ravers into hedonistic oblivion. A very impressive debut from the label and a perfect snapshot of what this scene is all about.