Horror Boogie

Artist:Various Artists
Title:Welcome To The Horrordome!
Label:Horror Boogie
Kanji Kinetic's future bass sounds have been causing shockwaves at parties worldwide. Mixing up beats from bassline & 4 4, dubstep and oldskool breakbeat hardcore like no-one else can, he has found support from heavyweights such as Mary Anne Hobbs and Tayo in the UK, and Drop The Lime and Starkey in the US. With a number of well-received releases on respected labels, his production skills are in high demand with a slew of high-profile remixes about to emerge, as well as brand new original material to destroy the party unlike anything before. For Horror Boogie, he has blessed us with "Citizens Unite", a raw, nasty bassquake, which has been obliterating dancefloors for some time now with its masterful drum programming, insane bass and THAT drum roll. THIS is what drumstep should sound like. Fedka the Irritant is probably best known as the trombonist in the excellent band Pest (Ninja Tune), alongside Ben Pest (Panic Bridge, Victim, Bonus Round). He's also a seriously original and versatile producer in his own right. He has released on Panic Bridge, alongside the other Pest members and his live "trombone techno" sets are something to behold. "Watch Them Get Killed" is wonky techno at its finest. Its tight drums, chopped up hip-hop vocals and the beautifully deranged, yet ferociously funky melody make this track seriously addictive. Expect to hear a lot more from this man on Horror Boogie Records in the not-too-distant future. Michael Forshaw has smashed many a rave with his live onslaught of fucked up electro, techno, rave and booty. He has released on many labels over the years such as Penalty, Miditonal, Flaw, his own imprint Chan 'n' Mikes and most recently, Coin Operated. "Cookietag McStarrwerk" is a live, mashed up, sample-laden (namely the classic "Whoomp! There it is" vocal) rave/breaks/booty monster and has been a staple of his recent live sets. Last and certainly not least, is the mighty Subhead. As a solo artist, Jason Leach has released on his own Death to Vinyl, Fix UK and Subhead imprints, alongside his work for Mercurochrome, Input Output Inc. and Don't. In total he has released well over 100 records, having also been involved in several notable collaborations. "Stefan Wolfe" is a driving, peak-time, techno juggernaut. Its atmospheric beginning hypnotises you into a false sense of security, before it hits you with a dose of raw energy - crunchy hi-hats, solid kicks and a funky-ass bassline, leading on to a finale of full-blown squelchy wrongness.