Leisure System

Title:Like An Animal EP
Label:Leisure System
Leisure System, the collective, label and famed Berghain club night of four years standing, is back with their third release from co-founder and resident, Sam Barker. Known for its genre-defiant lineups, Leisure System's quarterly residency has consistently brought together artists with varying styles. Flying Lotus, Autechre, Afrika Hitech, Jackmaster, Surgeon, Jimmy Edgar, Blawan, 808 State, Dopplereffekt, Clark, Machinedrum, Surgeon, Venetian Snares, Objekt and Egyptian Lover have all graced the decks, showing off the collective's commitment to the exploration of new and experimental sounds in EDM. The development of the label, and now this release from Barker, is no exception. After discovering computers and raves in the late '90s, Barker began making tracks at age 13, building up a sizable collection of vintage analogue synths, paving the way for his future solo work and collaborations with artists like Tim Exile, Clark, Shitmat, Scotch Egg, The Field, Leafcutter John and Jimmy Edgar. Shortly after his 2007 move to Berlin, Barker began collaborating with fellow Berghain resident nd_baumecker, resulting in their ongoing project Barker & Baumecker. Their first EP 'Candyflip', was released on Ostgut Ton in 2010, followed up by a live show tour throughout Europe. The duo is currently readying their second EP and have a long player due out in August 2012. For this new solo EP, mastered by electronic music legend Pole, Barker presents a creative three-track lesson in diversity and highlights Leisure System's ever-evolving aural curiosity. The opener and title track 'Like An Animal' is a number that builds and builds, quickly changing course and mutating into a percussive and texturized melting pot of sounds. Up next the hypnotic 'I Feel', which is filled with moody pads and syncopated breakbeat rhythms, paving the way for the mechanical, yet smooth half-step rhythm of 'Hot Lover'. Siimilar to the collective, this offering pushes boundaries and mirrors the progressive ideals of the collective. Just like Leisure System's first two 12"s from Pixelord and Eprom in 2011, Barker's 'Like An Animal' EP is a clear statement of the label's simple and distinct commitment : to be a platform for timeless, thrilling and soulful dance music in the fields of house, techno and electronica, disregarding media hype and genre borders. In keeping with this clear sonic manifesto, Leisure System's design aesthetic is equally individual, with all vinyl releases housed in deluxe die-cut jackets.
Label:Leisure System
Coinciding with the third anniversary of their Berghain residency, the Leisure System collective from Berlin comes with the second release of their newly found label. While the label's debut was an atmospheric and soulful take on UK-influenced electronic dance music by Russian producer Pixelord, this next offering crosses the ocean and comes with a simple agenda : to prove the soundtrack for a rave of epic proportions. Responsible for the bass assault this time is San Franciso based producer Eprom. After releases on labels like Warp and Rwina, and with one of the biggest tunes of 2010 ('Shoplifter') in his books, Eprom graces Leisure System with nothing less than full peak time anthems. A-side 'Feldspar' builds up a nearly unendurable tension throughout its intro, leaving the traditional trails of simple and mix-friendly build-ups and exploding into a cathartic tempest of screaming synths and bass. 'Feldspar' is like a 140 BPM wrecking ball, purpose-built for rewinds and dancefloor freak-outs. The flipside 'Psycho' brings the speed down, but keeps up with the raw energy. It plays around with a straight-forward 808-driven hip hop beat, a bouncing '80s electro bassline and a rough 8-bit melody, making it sound like something that a modern-day Alan Howarth could have written, if part of Snake Plissken's mission would have been to rave. Instead of varying the same idea over two sides of vinyl, or being a functional (and short-lived in the memory) DJ tool, Eprom uses this 12" to show different and unique sides of his production gifts. It's also proof that the minds behind the Leisure System collective are ever eager to push back the boundries of rave music in the 21st Century, while keeping the spirit of traditional dance music labels alive.
Title:Iron & Cream
Label:Leisure System
After putting on raves at Berlin's famed Berghain venue for the past three years, the Leisure System club collective takes it a step further and establishes it's own label. Hardly any party in Europe better represents the changes that have happened in Bass Music in recent years, and it's impact on clubs and ravers worldwide. So it's only logical that the first Leisure System release is not aligned along the traditional London/Berlin axis, but stands as proof that nowadays Bass is to be found and heard everywhere, even as far east as Moscow. After releases on Error Broadcast and Car Crash Set, the Muscovite Pixelord (aka Alexey Devyanin) debuts on the label's inaugural 12" with four tracks that show off his multifarious skills as a producer. While the title track 'Iron And Cream’ takes off into a Deadboy-esque world of vocal fragments and a floating garage-house beat, the following cut 'Cycloferon’ is a nod both to uplifting hip hop and playful 8-bit sounds, two of the main influences in Pixelord's work. The b-side turns things around: 'Radiozilla’ lies somewhere between the organic off-beats of the Brainfeeder crew, but garnished with cowbell, a pulsating bassline, and glimmering nu-school synths. 'In The Mine" closes the EP in a careful and almost timid way, generating a dense and brittle atmosphere with it's future garage references. It's enigmatic sound-design and emotive and distant melody travel around the listeners mind and create the perfect soundtrack for late-night romance and early-morning recovery on the dancefloor. Leisure System Record's first release is a clear statement about the label's simple, but nonetheless distinct commitment : to be a platform for timeless dance music in the fields of house, techno and electronica, disregarding media hype and genre borders. Music that is thrilling and soulful. In keeping with this clear sonic manifesto, Leisure System’s design aesthetic is equally individual, with all releases to be housed in deluxe die-cut jackets.