Roca Records

Artist:CMC & Silenta
Title:Future Breaks Vol 2
Label:Roca Records
After the huge success of our debut "Feature Breaks" release - hitting the top of the Juno Breaks chart - we are pleased to announce the release of "Feature Breaks Vol.2 - CMC&Silenta Remixed." This release comes packed with 4 massive remixes from some of the best artists faround the world in the Ghetto Funk & Breaks genre. Expect some hot dancefloor weapons from Basement Freaks, The Captain, NineLives The Cat vs Rob da Rhythm, and The Funk Hunters, the new shining stars coming out of Canada and ones to watch for on the growing Ghetto Funk scene!

"Is It True feat. Richard Kim" is remixed on the A-Side:

A1) The Funk Hunters remix takes the well deserved A1 spot on this vinyl with huge ghetto funk drums leading into some funky synth work and big fat basslines, all peppered with the vocal stylings of Richard Kim. The large and creative sound design on this remix delivers you the perfect dance floor heater!

A2) The Captain remix holds true to the original D n B spirit but it's been reworked with bigger drums and more fire for the clubs around the world. Fab has created a D n B monster with his signature bossa style!

On the B-Side you'll find two new versions of "Get It On Now feat. MC Fava:"

B1) Just listen to the remix by Basement Freaks and you'll instantly know why he is one of the most wanted producers in the scene right now. His ability to craft the perfect arrangement, a balanced soundscape, and massive beats and bass makes this remix a big funky stomper!

B2) The NineLives The Cat vs Rob Da Rhythm interpretation of "Get It On Now" takes you straight into the streets of NY City where you can feel the pulsing beat of a metropolitan nightclub with this huge Moombahton remix.
Artist:CMC & Silenta
Title:Feature Breaks Vol 1
Label:Roca Records
First up for the new series is Germany's funky breakbeat duo and label heads, CMC&Silenta. The duo has already attracted alot of attention with their own original productions and remixes on both Manmade Records and Roca Records, receiving play and support from international DJs and radiostations like Barry Ashworth (Dub Pistols), Kissey Sellout (BBC1), Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show (BBC6), A Skillz, and Utah Saints, just to name a few.

The debut Feature Breaks EP comes packed with three original CMC & Silenta productions and one remix - they had the honor to remix Dub Pistols' "Ganja feat. Rodney P" and release it exclusively on their own label. The result is a 4-track EP ready for the club, pimped up with pumping beats, massive bass, original vocals and production, and all supported by the unrecognizable style of one of europe's hottest Beatboxers: Paul Brenning!

The three original tracks are a preview of what's to come on their forthcoming CMC& Silenta album, set to be released Spring 2012: "Summertime feat. Penny" is the one for all you summertime lovers, bringing you the perfect soundtrack for the best time of the year. "Get it on now feat. MC Fava" comes with the voice of Germanys most wanted DnB MC alongside a big bassline and straight punching drums. Feel the mixture of house and breaks! And last but not least, "Is it true feat. Richard Kim" showcases the legendary voice that some will remember from Malente's track "Funk the Rich." A big funky stomper with superb vocals. Call it Dubstep, call it DnB, or whatever, this is the new Feature Breaks! Take your time to have a listen!
Artist:CMC & Silenta
Title:Funky Town
Label:Roca Records
After years of huge success with solid quality releases - yet mostly mashups and remixes for respected labels and musicians of the funky breaks scene - CMC&Silenta now take the next step with their latest tune "Funky Town". This funky good mood summer track is the first release of their forthcoming album. It can be understood as an indicator of what you can further expect to be released by the duo on CMC's label Roca Records.

"Funky town" was made for all you guys out there who love to shake their butts to soulful, honest and pure funk music. Contrary to previous tracks they recorded everything live, and invited Cotonou (Benin)-based Rapstar Penny to join them. Pimped up with funky guitars and Bongos, accompanied with this recognisable whistle, this tune moves masses whenever it starts to play. To round up the release of this cracker, CMC&Silenta won Nick Thayer for an amazing ghettofunk anthem, Slynk repacked the track with a brass hook to bring back the late 60s funk feeling. The last remix on this 12 inch is a nice afro beat remix by Zamali, so you've got something for everyone on this Roca's first Single Release of CMC&Silenta. Don't think about it, grab a copy, it's a must have.
Title:We Came To Rock
Label:Roca Records
And it goes boom! Funkanomics, the sensational newcomer out of south Germany, made themselves worldwide a name with their very own dance-floor devastating breakbeat style. For this occasion the three guys mixed new versions of already successful released tracks to new outstanding funky bangers: Circle Kid feat. NineLivesTheCat and How We Rock feat. BadKat. Another great track we licensed is the remix they produced for Ed Solo, Mission feat. BadKat. CMC&Silenta contribute a synth-disco version of their hiphop club track How We Rock feat. BadKat to top off this second and cracking release by Roca.

Juwee, FxFarmer and Bobby Kudlicz launched the project Funkanomics in late 2006, since then they have been touring extensively in the club scene. They have taken their beat contoured live experience and mixed it with their own funked up style in their productions. A sound that is designed for the dance floor and made up of beautiful crunchy bass lines, coupled with pumping grooves.
Artist:Illeist Collective
Label:Roca Records
Anyone who ever has listened to a live performance or a record of Illeist Collective knows of the difficulty to describe the sound they come up with. Some say it's big beat, some say it's rock, electro or dance music. And as always, the truth is somewhere in between, somewhere along the lines of bands such as Soulwax, Digitalism or Friendly Fire. And the best way to find out is to listen to their energy-loaded, genre transcending and - most importantly - uncompromising music.

One of the most suitable places to experience the Illeists is surely the sweating stroboscope-atmosphere of an electro party. There the collective fires away with fat bass lines and driving live beats, thus creating the irresistible urge to dance along. The basic setup (bass, drums, synthesizers and vocals) is thereby often featured by special guests; just like on this first Roca Record release. Hence, a perfect match for a remix...

And so CMC&Silenta asked the great MC NineLive The Cat from Brooklyn NY for a vocal track to make a remix of the Illeist Collective song 'every time'. Without hesitation, NineLive The Cat fired some insane lines for what turned out be become an awesome remix. Armed with a perfect hook this track is definitely gonna make the party people go wild.

Funkanomics delivered an awsome remix again, like we probably expected. Straight beats, great keys sections and a bumbing bass line. They did it in their unique Funkanomics style that gets honored around the world. These guy delivered a huge party classic.

In addition, D*Funk smashed another perfectly produced remix of the original with everything a real remix needs - killer beats and tension one can't resist. And as always, the only thing that can actually make you see what we are talking about is the track itself. So check it out now!