Artist:Lando Kal
Title:Tmrw EP
London's Stillcold Records return with 'TMRW' / 'No New Jack' from Berlin operator and Lazer Sword member Lando Kal. With 'TMRW', it's all about a deceptive simplicity, driven by soulful, spacious chords, the most buoyant of sub basslines, and fine, effortless vocal edits. This is one of those grooves that will latch onto bodies with the swiftness and exudes all the confidence of a producer hitting his stride. On the flip, 'No New Jack' is a serious call to the more rugged jackers. Maniacal laughter paves way for tough, saturated stabs and a hook that's seen chants flying across dancefloors from Berghain to London. As is always the case with Stillcold, the vinyl is meticulously crafted and mastered for optimal impact, with D&M Berlin's master cutter CGB etched into the run-out groove. For those that know.
Artist:Lando Kal / Stillcold Mysteries
Stillcold Records presents the first chapter in a new white label series re-purposing classic house sounds with a modern bent. Volume 1witnesses Berlin's consistently on-point Lando Kal revisiting a notorious acappella, hanging it on the lushest of synth stabs and cinematic, pulsating drops with develish woodblocks aimed squarely at the darkest of warehouse dancefloors. The B Side reveals the debut of the Stillcold Mysteres project, re-working another, altogether different vocal hook from the house canon. Laid back, fully swagged jacking bottom-end house for the hyper-colour set. With holograms. Strictly limited hand stamped 12" vinyl only, meticulously mastered and cut specifically for needle-to-groove action at D&M.