Surely Bassy

Title:Cinematics / Who Needs Attack
Label:Surely Bassy
When this label first contacted us in the spring of 2010 with a correctly spelled and politely phrased request for distribution, our affirmative response was all but assured on the strength of their name alone, and as arbitrary decisions go, fortune granted us a favour. As every incurable vinyl obsessive can pull out a handful of vital purchases inspired by no more than a cool sleeve, so it goes that an imprint with the wit to christen themselves Surely Bassy boasts an artist roster possessed of equally supple cerebral elasticity. The label's second release is 'Cinematics' by Leeds-based producer Quantax. With extensive knowledge and experience in sound manipulation, Quantax's take on ever-evolving bass music guides the listener on a musical journey evoking thoughts of nostalgia, reflection, contemplation and calm. His stunning debut consists of two tracks of beautifully crafted electronica encompassing both bass weight and musical harmony. 'Cinematics' showcases Quantax's highly skilled production techniques and demonstrates textural presentation through the art of sound design. 'Who Needs Attack' offers lush orchestral melodies underpinned by a 2-step inspired percussive shuffle whilst the driving sub-bass compliments the garage-esque vocal progressions. With a forthcoming release on Fent Plates, a string of remixes ready to roll out, and the future release of field-recording inspired project 'Oculus', Quantax can only establish himself further within the electronic music scene throughout 2011 and on into 2012.
Artist:Various Artists
Title:Cast A Light / Shack / A New Dawn / Stems
Label:Surely Bassy
Varying in styles on an overall contemporary bass theme, the debut release from the fantastically-named Surely Bassy Records comes in the form of a four track EP featuring four new producers. The first track is provided by London based producer Glentron. 'Cast a Light' sets the tone, with shuffling drums, chopped vocal harmonies and soothing bass line, exploring similar minimalist garage ground and in equally effective fashion as the mighty Spatial. Mepham takes it deeper with his contribution, 'Shack'; a haunting soundscape of atmospheric delayed techno with pounding bass, eerie sampling and progressive undertone, riding an emphasised stepper rhythm. Isaac Martin delivers a more experimental house edge with his track, 'A New Dawn (Oh Baby)'. It's driving 2-step beat and warm jets of rising melodic synth are sure to drive the dancefloor, while propulsive sub and soundsystem / deejay effects add extra flavoursome punch. Leeds based A. Ashdown closes the EP with his deep and melancholy drift through gallic themes on the shuffling, Clubroot-esque 'Stems'. So far these tracks have been received well by DJs and producers, with Glentron's 'Cast a Light' featured at number two in Dom Servini's Allo Love Ten chart for November, and the release has been gaining radio play on London's Colourful Radio and Sub FM, as well as plenty of club play across the country. With several more equally high grade questing releases in the can, Surely Bassy is definitely a label to listen out for in 2011.