Uncharted Audio

Artist:LJ Kruzer
Title:Manhood & Electronics Remixes
Label:Uncharted Audio
Uncharted Audio continues its 2010 schedule with a four track EP of remixes from LJ Kruzer's sophomore album 'Manhood & Electronics' which has gained critical acclaim across the board as a 'masterwork' (DMC Update), 'glorious' (DJ mag) and 'one of this year's landmark albums' (LMYE). - each and every one of these remixers is going to be etching their names on the dancefloors of the world in 2010 in their own inimitable way:

Glasgow-based Ruaridh Law (The Village Orchestra/Marcia Blaine School For Girls) turns in another of the glistening epics which have got everyone talking about his TVO guise, with recent releases for Stuff and Highpoint Lowlife as well as a DJ mix of the year for FACT magazine, and live appearances alongside the likes of Sandwell District and Peverelist.

Ukkonen is a mysterious producer from Finland who has debut releases forthcoming on Rednetic and Uncharted Audio, here giving us a glimpse of his unique style of electronic music.

Trademark is a collaboration between Tony Reeves (half of Forces of Nature, who have recorded for LTJ Bukem among others) and his Tundra Records labelmate Loki. Recent releases for Intelligent Audio got fantastic responses from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Satoshi Tomiie, Nick Holder, Kirk Degiorgio, Nick Warren, Dave Mothersole and many more - here, they apply a serious 4/4 dynamic with depth to 'Tam'.

Cyan341 is a London-based producer who has started turning heads with releases on Uncharted Audio, Smallfish, Kreislauf and Rednetic. He counts Move D and Benjamin Brunn among his admirers and James Zabiela licensed a track for his Renaissance Masters mix CD. His dubby and spacious sound is applied to 'Poil'.

Whilst showcasing each remixers talent for working dancefloors as well as minds, this EP will also serve to bring LJ Kruzer's music to a new audience, bringing it out of the headphones and onto the sound system.
Artist:Cursor Miner
Title:Shakin' Heathens
Label:Uncharted Audio
(Socrates and Aristotle are behind the decks at Fabric)

Socrates: What man haven't you heard?
Aristotle : Heard what?
Socrates: Good grief old fool! The new Cursor MIner twelve that's what! It's the absolute spick spack!
Aristotle : It's the absolute what?
Socrates: Pull yourself together dude you are seeeeriously out of the Geist. You want to be slapping down some of this nadded out shit on your desks. What's this - you're listening to Queen?
Aristotle: They are masters of their art!
Socrates: Utter Flapdoodle! I've heard better noises when your beard got stuck under the stylus!
Aristotle: I was having a Concrete day, some people enjoyed it!
Socrates: Look man This is Cursor Miner. Behold the wazzyness of the bass! The spankingness of the snares! The mighty beat of the agricultural funk!
Aristotle: Agricultural?
Socrates: Oh gimme a break, you mean to tell me you haven't heard of agricultural funk? It's the skuzz that the kids are down with, down on, and down about. This is the 21st century grandpa! It's all about the Agri! Mad COW geddit???? You know - is he making you dance or just tilling the soil?
Aristotle: You're on drugs aren't you?
Socrates: What, no, I'm just easily excited [gurns]
Aristotle: No, look I'm not having young philosophers getting off their heads on my watch - look you can't even light that pipe properly - you're wasted young man.

(Socrates is bundled out by security frantically waving his new 12' from Uncharted Audio)
Artist:LJ Kruzer
Title:Manhood & Electronic
Label:Uncharted Audio
LJ Kruzer is Stephen Fiske, a resident of London, England, and producer of melodic electronic music, using the piano as a common theme, with a focus on ambience and synth drones. The son of a Wiltshire vicar, Kruzer began writing music on a Yamaha keyboard that his father used to accompany hymn singing in church, taking influence from the early work of Mouse On Mars, Tindersticks and Miles Davis. Following a string of well-received singles for Uncharted Audio and appearances on likeminded labels such as Ai, his debut album 'This Is How I Write' garnered critical acclaim from the likes of Mary Anne Hobbs and Mixmaster Morris and led to a memorable appearance at the Big Chill festival. Returning to the studio to create a more streamlined sound, where the emphasis moved from beats and melody to variations in sonic texture, drawing inspiration from a broad spectrum of contemporary electronic music and pioneers such as Brian Eno and Isao Tomita, the results can be heard on his second album 'Manhood & Electronics' digital-only taster for the album entitled "Tam Variations" which included eight experimental reworkings of one of the album tracks was an instant success and topped blog aggregator "The Hype Machine"'s 'most popular' chart. File next to: Stars of the Lid, Tobias Hume, Steve Reich, Aphex Twin, Boards Of Canada, Fennesz
Artist:Various Artists
Label:Uncharted Audio
Thirteen exclusive cuts from the best the UK's electronic music scene has to offer, including the likes of Si Begg, Neil Landstrumm, Plaid, King Cannibal, Cursor Miner, Beckett & Taylor and Dub Kult. Originally only available as a subscription series direct from the label, a handful of copies are still unspoken for - there will be no repress and apart from a five track sampler, there is no digital, as Uncharted love the black stuff. Additionally, this is the only place you can pick up a vinyl copy of Plaid's amazing remix of LJ Kruzer's "Huba" which recently featured as the closing track on legendary US DJ and producer John Tejada's mix album for Fabric. Complete sets will shortly be worth a mint on ebay, this is your last chance to grab them!