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Description of Skream Sweetz

Two lost classic dubs from Skream. 'Sweetz (2005 Flex)', dating back to 2005, is really melodic and shows a significant Detroit influence, and 'Angry World', a cinematic and swung track in a manner most reminiscent of foundation dubstep pioneers Horsepower Productions. Both tunes hark back to the sound's formative early era, pre-Dubstep Warz. This is some real prototype riddim business, made without the need to pump-up big rooms full of upferrit ravers, yet still deadly as hell. Killer. The artwork features, at Skream's own request, a capture of the renowned Big Apple store, epicenter of the dubstep scene.

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Title:Kowton V Dusk EP
The Kowton v Dusk EP is another milestone on the M4 bass exchange: a dialogue between England's two most sub-saturated cities, Bristoland London. Capital-based Dusk and West Country-resident Kowton contribute three tracks in total: Dusk's 'Fraction', Kowton's 'Looking At You', and Kowton's remix of 'Fraction'. Kowton's production career began in a different guise, as Narcossist, inspired by dark, skunked out '04 Youngsta sets. As his style would mutate into Kowton, finding the slow house grooves he currently inhabits, he would carry with him a common sense of edgy Metalheadz-esque dread. His debut release on Keysound Recordings, 2009's 'Countryman' / 'Stasis (g mix)' blended this dark edge with Basic Channel's sense of space and UK garage's swing. 2011 has been his most prolific year, seeing collaborations with Peverelist and Tom Dicicco as well as releases on Teal Recordings, Naked Lunch and Bristol's much hyped Idle Hands. As for his contributions to this EP, 'Looking At You' inhabits the space between house, UK funky and dubstep, while his re-fit of Dusk's 'Fraction' is a masterclass in offbeat percussion and evolving groove. "How underrated is Dusk?" rhetorically enquired Fact Mag recently. "He doesn't release much,but 2008's 'Focus' has to rank as one of the finest moments in the dubstep canon. 'Fraction' is... a definite highlight." Dusk is one half of production duo and Rinse FM DJs Dusk + Blackdown. He co-owns Keysound Recordings and co-produced the duo's acclaimed 2008 debut album 'Margins Music'.