Guitar Ray - Funky Pete Parts 1 & 2 / 7"

Guitar Ray

Funky Pete Parts 1 & 2

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genre: Funky Breaks
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Description of Guitar Ray Funky Pete Parts 1 & 2

Guitar Ray, whose actual name was Raymond Washington, recorded just over half a dozen 45RPM singles in New Orleans from the late 1950s to 1968. Four of those had been released on Hot Line Records out of New Orleans, which was a subsidiary of Nola Records. Wardell Quezergue, one of the principals of the companies, did most of the production and arranging for them - as shown on the label: "Arr by Wardell."

Released in around 1967, the singer's own Funky Pete appeared on the third of Washington's four singles for Hot Line. It was a straight-ahead dancer that emphasized the rhythmic elements of the song, all locked into a tight, spring-loaded, high energy groove, probably propelled by el supremo beat-man, Smokey Johnson. The drum and vocal intro that Quezergue set up pulls you right into the action; then the horns come in and push the groove to maximum heights.

As with all re-issues on Tramp it comes with excellent sound quality and original label artwork too. Because Funky Pete Pt.1 also appears on the Feeling Nice compilation (TRCD/LP-9012) they did a strictly limited press run of 111 hand-numbered copies on the Hot Line issue. Be Quick!

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