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Description of Boris Noiz Triptych EP

An outstanding new collection for Yellow Machines from talented Serbian producer Boris Noiz - three fierce and very forward thinking tracks which encompass elements of sci-fi sound design, emotive strings, and drilling dark step hardcore beats with precise edits, all laced with huge gnarling bass. Keeping in line with the label's fusion of old skool hardcore and intricate electronics, Noiz adds a melodic, Detroit techno flavour to the equation. 'Rapid Transitions' opens with mournful, majestic and unresolved melodies, filling the air with a sound that is wistful, innocent yet stone cold alien at the same time. It then does pretty much what the name suggests, dropping into massive beast of a tune, with thick, rolling drum breaks and growling modulated riffs with sharp edits. Rhythmically, 'Symphony Of Collision' recalls his previous work with Excision on 'Force', loaded with whirlwind beats that smash the room but shift slyly to keep you guessing where the next hit will land, while the infusion of icy dark pads points to those subtle Detroit influences. 'Inceptive Point' fuses the Sheffield warehouse bleep mechanics of LFO with the rolling drumfunk percussion of the Rag And Bone roster, adding fills and phrases in an old skool Reinforced hardcore style. This tune will bring flashbacks for those who were there raving in the early 90s, updated with 2011 production. All told, this is a trio of incredible andriod disco pressure, reminiscent in texture to early Metalheadz but with a 21st Century twist; an EP of cinematic hard step at its best, sure to tear up any dance floor.

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