Kansas City Prophets / T Polar - Defiance EP / 12"

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Description of Kansas City Prophets / T Polar Defiance EP

Kansas City Prophets and T-Polar go back to back on this one, offering dub, dancehall, electro and broken beats, fused together with lashings of bass. KCP's 'Cams' kicks off with a stepping riddim, but there's a wealth of tune in here between the sparse beats, the stabbing hooks, and the bass bubbling underneath. Reggae legend and dub poet Linton Kwesi Johnson's rich dread lyrics give a combo move bonus for every beat they team up with, "chanting blood and fire!". 'Drome' features a tough ragga beat at its core, with a maze-like network of twists and turns over the top for MC Soom T to navigate with her peerless style. Growling bass swoops and some fantastic slam-shuffling rythyms form the basis of T-Polar's 'Jangostep', tricked out to the last with some warped vocal science and textural shifts that switch the intensity every which way for your brain melting pleasure. 'Suburban Roulette' combines chopped up vocals jamming with some garage beat stylings, while a thick bass line runs tings from the bottom up, perfectly showcasing the Belfast producer's unique take on quality electronics.

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