J-Roc - Ghetto Funk Presents - J-Roc / 12"


Ghetto Funk Presents - J-Roc

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genre: Funky Breaks
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Description of J-Roc Ghetto Funk Presents - J-Roc

J-Roc from Sould Out Djs has quickly become a household name in the world of Djing. J-Roc is a just a straight up party rocker. After fellow country man Stickybuds went straight to the top of sales charts, Ghetto Funk welcomes fellow Maple Leaf'er J-Roc to the Crew.

J-Roc's first artist EP see's him coming in strong with 4 big club bangers in his trade mark sound and style. Taking influences from the wider funk spectrum and in turn delivering a rather tasty bag of up front beats that will no doubt push him to the top of the charts where he rightly belongs.

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Kool Hertz started DJing and rocking crowds over 14 years ago in the South Africa & the UK. The last few years he has turned his hand to production in a big way. After a string of release, across various labels in the scene, we finally welcome his first Ghetto Funk EP. "Loads of attitude, big bottom end and his signature pounding beats. This EP has a true heavy weight feel, it sits and the Ghetto end of the spectrum."