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Description of Roel Funcken Fes Bace

Four bass heavy, dancefloor-ready tracks by Roel Funcken, who again proves to be a master of technoid, bass heavy and intelligent dance music that defies any genre. 'Fes Bace' is a collection of perhaps his finest, probably his most effective work to date. It shows a man on a mission, reinventing himself constantly after his much acclaimed solo debut 'Vade'. Roel has taken his sound to a whole new level, delivering four tracks of uncompromising quality and diversity that could easily destroy any dancefloor. The EP opens with a Funcken remix of 'Spletch' by Dutch talent Julien Mier, bouncing off into broken rhythms and stroboscopic lazer madness. The second track 'ALH84001' (named after a meteorite from Mars) recalls Meat Beat Manifesto but with a twisted, razor sharp edge, while 'Skinetic Culpture' is a nervy post-electro affair with a Drexciyan touch. Title track 'Fes Bace' is an ultra heavy piece where a halfstep beat grinds through an ultra-low swamp, with spitting vocals.

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Artist:Roel Funcken
Title:Daze Flextone EP
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Roel Funcken, one half of Dutch electronica duo Funckarma, delivers the 'Daze Flextone EP', his solo debut for Eat Concrete Records. These four tracks highlight the latest take on his Dubstep-fused electronica experiments. The result is energetic, original and extremely heavy. Three of these tracks were previously released on CD only through Berlin's Ad Noiseam imprint, but Eat Concrete couldn't resist putting them on vinyl, for reasons that become obvious to any basshead. The "extra" fourth track completing the EP is Roel Funcken's remix of a 'The Fortress Collapses' by Dutchman Krampfhaft.

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Title:Dubstoned EP 3
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'Dubstoned EP3' is the long due latest in a series of dubstep-based releases by Funckarma, as equally intelligent as it is rude and primal, arranging light melodic tones with bass-heavy beats across four tracks. The mid tempo rhythms and sounds contrast beautifully with the crushing beats and clear production, typical of Funckarma's style, bringing more of their unique high-minded sonic vision, coupled with the intricate production and dedication to bass and groove which has always charaterised their cutting edge approach.

Limited vinyl version includes a unique code to a free limited download of all WAV files, including two digital-only bonus tracks.
Title:Dubstoned EP 4
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