Mooqee vs Beatvandals - Back Up / 12"

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genre: Funky Breaks
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Description of Mooqee vs Beatvandals Back Up

The original and best party rockin' label returns with yet more dancefloor dynamite. The 13th release in the now legendary Bombstrikes series, sees the labels originators Beatvandals and Mooqee team up once again, with red hot results. Having defined the labels sound, the two understand exactly what a Bombstrike release should do and this double A sided Ep is no exception. 'Back up' sucks you in via a building horns intro before blam, it hits you smack in the face with the funkiest of guitar riffs. Dropping with the fattest of analogue funk basses, tight beats and vocal hooks, you have another absolute dancefloor monster! On the flip 'Rock Y'all' shows a more soulful side with the same dancefloor focus. Through a warm production sound crossed with B-Boy elements and the catchiest of vocal hooks, this track is guaranteed to be huge!

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Artist:Nick Thayer
Title:Rhythm Method EP
Label:Bombstrikes Records
Following hot on the heels of the outstanding Pimpsoul ep, Bombstrikes once again maintain their scene leading formula. This time out it's the turn of Nick Thayer to deliver the dancefloor goodies. In a style very much his own, Nick raises the bar even higher with this incredibly strong three-track ep.

There is no messing about on this EP "Do You Want more" on the A side hits hard. With vocal hooks and guitars kicking the track off in fine style before the almighty lead synth hits with guaranteed head nodding approval. For our money this is an absolute monster. Over on the flip, first up is "Rhythm Method" which brings Nick's trademark swing and movement to the proceedings. Vocals play perfectly with the synth and horn riffs to ensure plenty of dancefloor ass shaking will follow. Rounding things off nicely is the bass heavy groover "Ladies Love Cool Jams" which is so devastatingly executed it is bound to hit the right spots.