Kaman Leung - LA Criminal / 2x12"

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Description of Kaman Leung LA Criminal

Swedish / Chinese producer Kaman Leung has a deservedly strong reputation on the underground hip hop scene for his electronically flavoured beats EPs. After a trilogy series for his own UK-based Lacerated imprint, and an instrumental hip hop anthem with fellow Swedish producer Gravity which featured on DJ Krush's 'Code 4109' LP, Leung's debut album may well find itself held up as an essential release in the newly developing strain of low-end-favouring post-Dilla non-vocal hip hop. On 'Lacrimal', Leung returns to more dubby and abstract soundscapes; although better known for his bass-driven productions, this nine track set finds him chest-deep in electronic dub soundscapes, adding fresh elements to the thick mix stew, from walls of mechanical noise and dirt-caked bass fuzz, to subtle melodica lines, soulful Detroit synths, and funky-times-funky basslines, for a deep and wide excursion into psyche-beats that hooks attention play after play. Likely to remind older listeners of classic early sounds from producers like DJ Cam, Gotan Project, Major Force and (of course) DJ Shadow, 'Lacrimal' is equally at home in the company of today's stylistically unhindered beatmakers like Bullion, Lone, FlyLo, Take, Dimlite, or Dorian Concept. The tracks which bump along on chopped and looped dope beats still exhibit a keen enough streak of imagination and invention to lift them well clear of routine instrumental beats, while those joints which play on more contemporary leftfield techniques never stray too far from the path of trad hip hop "realness", so the overall vibe is of an intriguing and head-turning set of tracks that are bound to be rewound in clubs and bedrooms alike.

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