Various Productions vs Virgin Passages - I Want You To Sleep / 7"

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genre: Electronica/IDM
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Also on Fire

Artist:Various Production vs Pumajaw
Next in the Various Production vs Fire Records programme comes another 7-inch, with VP reworking the majestic 'Buds' from Pumajaw's latest album 'Curiosity Box', which was described in Time Out's 5-star review as "eerie, wyrd-folk and psych-rock with a chimeric, almost shamanistic power". Pinkie Maclure and John Will, aka Pumajaw, combine Pinkie's unique, multi-octave voice with looped guitar, mandolin, samples, concertina and hypnotic rhythms. Their own seductive sound stretches from psychedelic pop through sultry folk songs to eerie, cacophonous, trance-inducing laments. Live, they can create a surprisingly big racket for two people and have a reputation for taking the music into sonically adventurous realms of animalistic, ritualistic intensity. With that in mind, they make ideal candidates for the patented VP touch, and this makeover does not disappoint, stretching the harmonium drone of the original track into a low trance that sounds like a lost passage from 4AD's late 80s This Mortal Coil albums. Simultaneously an enhancement of and departure from Pumajaw's source material, this is further evidence of Various Productions' instinctive rewiring technique and another buy-on-sight release for their legion of followers. Bespoke Bonesy artwork completes the package.