Martyn - Left Hander / Shook Up / 12"


Left Hander / Shook Up

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genre: Dubstep
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Description of Martyn Left Hander / Shook Up

After a year dominated with collaborations (the Great Lengths remix double pack), fresh blood and inveterate genre renegades (Illum Sphere's Titan EP & Altered Natives 'The Bitch/Crop Duster' respectively) We at 3024 came to the conclusion a new Martyn release was perhaps overdue. Not so much an album preview as a standalone document of a year spent expanding dance floor horizons over (a great many) seas. 3024's milestone 10th release arrives in November with 2 brand new Martyn tracks as 'Lefthander' clatters in on heavily filtered drums, flickering high hats & garbled radio transmissions before a carousel synth melody breaks through the percussive murk accompanied by a roaming bass line that prioritises restraint over bludgeon. Dubbed out ambience rapidly takes root in the gaps between concrete snares & dissonant brass stabs as bass and synths elevate themselves for one last round of call & response sparring before dissolving back into barely audible dialogue. Steam age industrial monolith 'Shook Up' swaps slink for haunted metronomic brutality, snapping quickly into focus first with relentless kicks before bass akin to an Atari2600 playing Berghain looms over the clouded horizon. Offsetting the claustrophobia is the first hints of melody as an impossibly slight piano phrase creeps in, countering rhythmical pummelling with ghost in the machine delicacy. Classically spastic 808 tendrils are underpinned by soaring synth strings as proceedings draw to a juddering close. Capturing 3024's musical progress with typical accuracy Erosie's latest sleeve design is perhaps his best yet, echoing the back to basics theme with beautifully austere monochrome geometry curdling into something altogether more volatile at the edges.

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Title:Selection / Vancouver
Martyn has employed the skills of two of the biggest names in underground music right now, 2562 and Flying Lotus, to take on re-rubs of the lead tracks from his last two 12"s on 3024. 2562 takes his signature 2-step techno hybrid visions to a deep new level on his remix of 'Vancouver', a spiralling hypnotic rhythm and lush bassline that would naturally work great in a big club, while Flying Lotus uses his frantic glitch-hop skills to carve out a new way of viewing 'Natural Selection' with his 'Cleanse Mix'. A sublime and totally fresh release that will appeal to the leftwards hip hop community, the deep techno heads, and the dubsteppers alike.