Artist:Cursor Miner
Title:Shakin' Heathens
Label:Uncharted Audio
(Socrates and Aristotle are behind the decks at Fabric)

Socrates: What man haven't you heard?
Aristotle : Heard what?
Socrates: Good grief old fool! The new Cursor MIner twelve that's what! It's the absolute spick spack!
Aristotle : It's the absolute what?
Socrates: Pull yourself together dude you are seeeeriously out of the Geist. You want to be slapping down some of this nadded out shit on your desks. What's this - you're listening to Queen?
Aristotle: They are masters of their art!
Socrates: Utter Flapdoodle! I've heard better noises when your beard got stuck under the stylus!
Aristotle: I was having a Concrete day, some people enjoyed it!
Socrates: Look man This is Cursor Miner. Behold the wazzyness of the bass! The spankingness of the snares! The mighty beat of the agricultural funk!
Aristotle: Agricultural?
Socrates: Oh gimme a break, you mean to tell me you haven't heard of agricultural funk? It's the skuzz that the kids are down with, down on, and down about. This is the 21st century grandpa! It's all about the Agri! Mad COW geddit???? You know - is he making you dance or just tilling the soil?
Aristotle: You're on drugs aren't you?
Socrates: What, no, I'm just easily excited [gurns]
Aristotle: No, look I'm not having young philosophers getting off their heads on my watch - look you can't even light that pipe properly - you're wasted young man.

(Socrates is bundled out by security frantically waving his new 12' from Uncharted Audio)
Title:Do Not Pass / Gluttonous Dub
Influential whippersnapper Luke Chable lends his crips production skills to a driving remix of "Gluttonous Dub". The original is a huge, deep roller built around crisp, funky vintage breaks. "Do Not Pass" has been touring dancefloors throughout 2008 but finally has made an appearance on our favourite medium. Lifecycle darts between jazz rhythms and distorted nu-electro on this late night gem with disturbing ease.
Artist:Unknown (BD243)
More Dubstyle Breaks on the Bassrock Label.
Title:Twilight 2000 / Beta Remix
Label:High Grade
For the 8th release on High Grade Recordings, they picked up a breakbeat gem by UK based Jinx. The original has a familiar 303 style riff which gives it a classic electro-breaks appeal. To top things off you've got a big room breaks remix on the flip by man of the moment, BETA!
Artist:Karl Sav & Joules Fine
Title:Robotic Melodic / High Intensity
Label:Unstable Label
Perth based Aussie Karl Sav brings us a bleepy, robotic breaks beast, flip it over for a slightly more punchy track "High Intensity".
Title:Nasty In The Shade EP
Label:Ground Level
The 8th Release on Ground Level, and the last for 2008, comes from Australia's Shopliftas with their Nasty in The Shade EP. Nasty In The Shade kicks off the release, a solid breaker with a catchy hook and solid sub bass, all brought together by huge drums. With a mixdown by none other than Bass Kleph. there's no wonder this track goes off on a big system! On the flip, In Effect takes a more electro house feel, with a reverse string line and stabs leading into a fat wobbler of a bassline, making the package a perfect all rounder for fans of both breaks and house.
Title:Dreadlock / Acid Shuffle
Jinz make a welcome return to the Bassrock label with more top notch production work. This Bristol resident is smashing it right up as per usual! Don't belive me? Check em out!!
Artist:Digital Base
Title:Behold / Turn Me Out
riskotheque - After the success of audio freaks five (Just You & Dream State) Riskotheque is back with another sonic assault on the senses! With growling synth leads and epic beats this is a must have release! Quantum soul - On the other side of another t
Artist:Break The Box
Title:Ghost Licker
Label:Ground Level
Following his Ground Level debut with Groovy Moves (which has just gone for repress!), Luigi Barone returns with the House / Breaks hybrid monster which is Ghost Licker. The original is a funky electro number, with huge bass and the 'ghost' lick weaving throughout to create a monster. On the remix front Groove Allegiance turn it into a glitchy floor filler, already being supported by Malente.
Artist:Two Make One
Title:Fried On A Saturday Night
Another cheeky bootleg white label, this time the "Hoxton Whores" get sampled to devastating effect! This is one sure to have the dancefloor going bonkers!
Artist:Leeroy Thornhill
Title:Hands Up
Label:Gene Pool
Leeroy, originally from the Prodigy has been working on some intersting solo projects. Check the stonking release on Gene Pool with a wicked remix on the B side by Boogie Army!
Artist:Kid Digital
Title:There For You
Label:Future Perfect Records
After a stormer of a debut, Future Perfect returns to the fold with this prime slice of electro-breakbeat beef from Russia's Kid Digital. Fusing together a squeaky acid-tinged synth, a thundering sub bass and a warm vocal riff in between monster beats - we have here a tune that devastates dancefloors without remission. We loved their work on Future Perfect 001 so much we've brought back Pro7 and Arrow!!! for remix duties. Pro7 delivers a cheeky electro-house interpretation that makes great use of the riff with pounding kick drums and skiptastic percussion. A grower that drops quickly into a naughty, rasping b-line while maintaining the understated funk of the original. The trademark glitchy edits, and huge percussive blasts are what make this one a winner! Arrow!!!'s take is something altogether more sinister and brooding. Drawing tiny fragments from the original and melding them to his own arsenal of blunted FX and cantankerous rhythms. This is a bomb! A huge tribal-sounding onslaught! Pierced with glitched-out one-shots of the original vocal and underpinned by skanking steel drums, the bassline twists and turns and morphs like a supernatural machine. Dark, moody and massive! Support from: Simian Mobile Disco, Groove Armada, Boys Noize, Tiga, Twockers, Blende, Tom Real, Rogue Element, Kid Blue, Janette Slack and many more.
Title:Dirty Drop Sampler #1
Label:Dirty Drop Records
Scapo and Neofluxx hail form deepest Italy and make some of the finest Breaks around! 3 Tracks of deep techy monsterness.
Artist:Darft Phunk
Title:Coleys Pleasure
Label:Breakin Even
Coleys Pleasure' is like an old skool train bombing down the track on a cool summers day with a very nice vocal indeedy - you're gonna love this one! 'Back Bone Slide' is a touch slower then Coleys Pleasure but just as cool.
Title:I Make Beats
Label:Sinister Recordings
Digitalis brings a new installment on Sinister Recordings, the deep and twisted "I Make Beats". Seb Taylor has been releasing music since the mid 90s introducing the trance and techno scene to his break fuelled sound. With this latest offering, Digitalis flexes his Breaks muscles yet again, providing a carefully crfted piece of chuggy, heads down business, suitably saturated with a leftfield attitude the Sinister camp just can't resist. on the flipside, Aussie Breaks producer EK does the business and provides a remix that takes a hold of you and drops you on the dancefloor.
Artist:Step Sine
Title:Gen. Sec of Breaks
Label:Stepsine Records
Punchy breaks.
Artist:Boogie Army Remixed
Title:Sex Drugs Rock & Roll remixes
Label:Gene Pool
Boogie Army's fantastic track "Sex Drugs Rock & Roll" gets remixed by Audiotrucs, Leroy Thornhill and Marsch Mellows.
Title:Western Soul Remixes (Feat. Rasco)
Label:Breakin Even
Parker is set to become one to watch in 2008. On his second single, 'Western Soul', Parker's unique brand of dance floor production has been taken up another notch. A collaboration with legendary West Coast rapper, Rasco takes this track into a fresh dimension for the beat headz, from the very outset of the track you know this is gonna be BIG! Packed with killer remixes, bringing the Funk, Breakbeat and Drum and Bass respectively, 'Western Soul' is a speed-building package covering all corners of the dancefloor. Kidda fires the starting pistol with a funky uplifting hip hop mix followed by a riff-driven rework by Beathoven. Meeting in the middle are Groove Diggers and White Papoo with a double serving of gritty summertime breakbeat. Aphrodite's trademark drum and bass styles tie it all up with two stunning mixes.
Title:Move Automatic
Label:Tricksta Recordings
Rising dubstep artist Rogue State delivers his 2nd Tricksta release, bringing back a classic rave atmosphere and combining it with a contemporary garage sound. On the flip, M.I. Loki keep the vibe of the original whilst adding a breakbeat slant to the whole affair.
Artist:Stanton Warriors
Title:She Not In
Mega classic Stantons tune, you need this in your box.
Artist:Nu Boy
Title:2 Little Faith / Nu Funk Stroll
Cool, crisp breaks brought to us from Nu Boy, the new artist on the the Stantons label "Beats".
Artist:Adam Nyquist & Chevy One
Title:Original Danger / Underground Funk
Label:JDR Music
Our first two releases on the mother label JDR are produced by label owners Adam Nyquist & Chevy One and have been described as "phat as fook" by the DrumAttic Twins.
Title:Tokyo Loading
Tokyo Loading' is a classic Strider affair, vocal edits galore & tight as you like programming, with a Daft Punk (circa Discovery) inspired synth sequence breakdown slotting in between the punchy beats & warmly distorted bass hook.
Title:Borromean Links / Breath of Fresh Air
Techy melodic breaks. Very nice!
Title:Strangedream / Splashback
Label:High Grade
High Grade Recordings is a new label from the Bombtraxx crew. This is the 2nd release from High Grade bringing you a filthy bass ridden 12" from these French breakbeat producers.
Artist:Mike Muvment
Title:Ghetto Freaks
Label:Backzide Records
First release from the Backzide Records label hits you with a dirty roller that hit you hard. Flip it over and get a much more glitchy, in your face remix by the Rogue Element.
Title:Can't take the Pressure (Feat. U Brown)
Label:Tricksta Recordings
Dub style 4/4 beatbreak with deep rumbling basslines and smooth reggae vocals from U Brown. The flip side features a great techy electro remix by M.I. Loki
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