Drum & Bass

Artist:Andrew Paul / Pato Banton
Title:Inna Nice Up! Fashion
Label:Nice Up!
legendary UK reggae label that launched the careers of artists such as Top Cat, Tenor Fly, General Levy and the late great Smiley Culture, as well as cuts from Jamaican legends such as Cutty Ranks, Daddy Freddy & Frankie Paul amongst many many others, NICE UP! have dug deep into the vaults to find some more lost classics to give them a new lease of life. As a long time fan of the label, NICE UP!s Shepdog hooked up with the owners and managed to secure access to the back catalogue - much of which is being made digitally available for the first time! First up, Serial Killaz pay respect to a scene that helped spawn them by giving Andrew Paul's classic 'Who's Gonna Make The Dance Ram' an updated junglist relick. Retaining the sleng teng vibe of the original, but giving it a 2012 bounce should see plenty of reloads for this track once again. Over on the flip, festival favourites the Dub Pistols rework Pato Banton's 'Nice Up The Session' from the 'Great British MCs' album, giving it a lively drum & bass feel with extra horns and a little help from Rodney P.
Artist:Fierce / S.P.Y / Vicious Circle
Title:Borderline / Spectre
Artist:Dream Continuum
Title:Reworkz EP
Label:Planet Mu
This three track EP from the aptly named Dream Continuum is a collaboration between Travis Stewart a.k.a. Machinedrum and Jim Coles a.k.a. Om Unit, who was the mind behind the Philip D Kick 'footwork jungle' tracks in 2011. The meeting came about when Travis and Jim realised they were working in parallel on the same concept of finding the sweet spot between mid-90's euphoric jungle and footwork, so naturally they set about working out how to find it together. The 'Reworkz EP' moves backwards and forwards in time with 'Be Free' treating jungle's diva samples with footwork pitch bending and repetition while adding huge uplifting chords that capture the euphoria of rave perfectly. It's then laid over tough, rolling 808 kicks and snares at 160bpm with a carpet of pumping, rhythmic sub-bass resulting in a new hybrid that is both fresh and energetic. 'Give A Lil Luv' is, if anything, even more euphoric, like rolling thunder with an intense, melodic use of samples and chord stabs with metallic breaks building into a spiky mesh of rhythms. On side B 'Set it' draws classic dancehall, soul and reggae samples across a perfect mix of fast juke cymbals and jungle amens, each part casually camouflaging the other, tempering footwork's sometimes intimidating sparseness and filling it with rich, warm and sincere rave energy.
Artist:Mindscape / Mr Foul
Title:Spy Technologies 6 Sampler
Artist:Ed Solo & Deekline
Title:Man Down / Untold
Label:Jungle Cakes
Limited promo. More fresh out the oven Jungle cakes!
Title:Distance For You (Feat Coerce)
Label:Utopia Music
The A side combines old Metalheadz vibes with the progressive ambience of God Speed You Black Emperor. The intro washes over you with a calm wave of vibes before crashing down with future jungle breaks and bass. The B side is a beautiful interpretation of an old piano piece that has been given the drum and bass treatment. A snappy snare combines with an elegant bass line to provide a great piece of music in its own right. Suited for both the bedroom and the dingiest of clubs, this 12" shows again the diversity of Utopia Music and its passion for supporting musical endeavors. Dj support: LTJ Bukem, D Bridge, Bailey, Loxy, Total Science, Break, Spectrasoul, Mikal, Flight, Survival and many distinguished others.
Artist:Various Artists
Title:Spy Tech 6 Pt. 1
First of three 12"s taken from the Spy Tech 6 Album. Universal project trademark sound always delivers. Bboy breaks, techno elements, dubwise bass, all signalling to the future. Mr Foul brings the old Skool Jungle meets Techstep.
Artist:Trex / Villem
Title:Recipe Book Part 3
Artist:Eastcolours / Foreign Concept / DBR UK
Title:Acidized / Radiation
Label:Samurai Music
Title:Modest Burka / Blur
Label:Disturbed Recordings
Artist:Benton / Arc 88
Title:Having Fun / 2 Many
Artist:Nosia / Phace
Title:Program / Regurgitate
Artist:Dub Dread
Title:Nappah Hey / Can You Hear Me
Limited Copies. From the Ray Keith camp comes Dub Dread, with Nappah Hey / Can You Hear Me. Two dubby styled Jungle tracks with firing beats with rolling basslines, combine for dancefloor good times. DJ support from Nicky Blackmarket, Grooverider and Ray Keith.
Artist:Code 3
Title:What You Sayin?
Label:Critical Music
Fresh for the summertime shine is yet more goodness from camp Critical with a diamond dubplate burner straight out of the Code 3 studio. The production trio made up of SP:MC, Jubei and Dakuan show their pedigree for CRIT055 with two slabs of almost retro D&B that could only have come been from scene stalwarts like these. Quality through and through. 'What You Sayin' runs out with simple two-tone chords and a staggered break to ease us into this creeping cut of subtle but definitely dangerous drum & bass. Snapping snares roll out, sub thuds from beneath as the gnawing b-line wrestles its way to throughout rearing its head then ducking beneath the surface only for the smooth keys to return to the mix. A classy piece of contrasting moods that'll sit perfectly on the Critical collector's shelf. Over the page 'Double Dipped' intros with another big break and spooky, quizzical pads and a winding double-bass that weaves its way in gently to the drop. Perhaps reminding of the Full Cycle and Talkin' Loud golden era this one is a hard-stepping, funked up track that'll have the floors calling for the reload. Awesome! DJ support from Hype, Friction, Jubei, Fabio, Marky, Kasra, S.P.Y. and many more.
Artist:Mr. Foul
Title:Deepest Secret / Cruella
Mr Foul is a name to watch the A Side is 'Deepest Secret' .Old School Jungle and the classic I'm in love with you, want you to love me too' (Anthem) Rave vocal meet head on for rull on dance floor mayhem. This remix treatment and is causing as much of a stir as the original did in 1990. On the flip some beat scientist action with 'Cruella' Stomping beats, murky atmospheres and a devastating drop bass create the pounding drive of this track. Soldiers stand to attention!
Title:Stack / Sent Down
Critical's beloved new-kid-on-the-block Modulations imprint draws up another naughty storm in the form of 'Stack' b/w 'Sent Down' featuring Script. Having had releases on top-notch labels including Metalheadz and Critical, London-based FD is swiftly gaining recognition for upping the dance floor ante with scrumptiously deep demeanor. 'Stack' is a stepper that delivers efficient pulse and vibrancy, notably in its teasing bassline and clean snare, peppered with bleeps and vocals conjuring a feel of eerie, futuristic space-age. The AA side retains the energetic deep-liquid flow - 'Sent Down's initially gentle pads venture into a neat, nasty break and a mean grizzly, almost unpredictable, bassline. Listen out for the dark distorted vocal that brings you down to the darker corners of the dance floor. Shimmying symbols linger above the downright devilish drum-kit. Definitely a playful bass-heavy monster,'Sent Down' is a shuffling pumper of a tune that deserves to wake the neighbours. And if they hate that resonating, violating bass, it can only be a good thing.
Title:Episodes Album Sampler 1
The ever on point Citrus Recordings is stepping up for its 5th artist LP already after having released the debut Albums of Mindscape & Jade wich all went on for critically acclaim it's time for Citrus to get ready its 3rd Artist Album. This time it's up to "Fourward" to show what their made off.. This only the first Sampler off this brilliant package so make sure you're ready! First up its Fourward's "Wishes" that gets the remix treatment of none other than Citrus veterans Mindscape.. They inject the original with a huge extra dose of dancefloorability making this one a Festival weapon you better make sure you have behind the decks. Don't mess with this combination cause Citrus knows what they're doing. Flip it over for "Stuck" like a citric explosion this one sprays in your face like no other. Dutty shreds & heavy raging basslines, a perfect taster for what is to come on their "Episodes Lp" later this year. Don't sleep on these guys, Citrus is the one who brings the freshness each and everytime.
Artist:Marcus Intalex
Title:Triband / Steady
Triband is the 1st of four tracks he has made with S.P.Y. and is aimed squarely at the dancefloor. Steady, on the other hand, is a classic "Marcus" self indulgent trip to Detroit and is one of the highlights on Dj Marky's new mix compilation for the Fabric series.
Artist:Break / Mako & Survival
Title:Guilty Pleasures / Freedom From Duality
Label:Utopia Music
Kicking off a string of exciting releases for 2011, we are proud to welcome back the mighty Break. Hot off the success of his stunning second album 'Resistance', Break once again delivers the goods with a stripped back, funk infused, all out groove track. On the flip, we welcome Survival back to the Utopia camp, this time teaming up with Mako to produce the deep, hypnotic tones and rhythms of 'Freedom from Duality'.
Artist:Zero Method
Title:Atomizer / Marco Polo
Label:Disturbed Recordings
Title:Chess Funk / The Foundry
Detail 004 is a solo venture from label boss Lynx, showing the more dj/ club orientated sound of Detail Recordings. The A side,Chess Funk, has been on the circuit for sometime being supported by Fabio (Radio 1), Marcus Intalex, Calibre, Bailey (1Xtra), Spy, Artificial Intelligence and many more, plus is featured on Marky's forthcoming Fabric Live Cd. The track has all the suspense of Bob Jame's music or a score from a Bond Movie, with rising crescendos and brass stabs that also wouldn't sound out of place in Steve Mcqueens Bullit. The Foundry takes a much slower brooding approach, still with a cinematic feel using ethnic vibes in the intro, dropping into a devastatingly sluggish beat and bass combo that swamps any club with huge, warm, yet slightly unnerving bass.
Artist:Command Strange / Intelligent Manners
Title:Talking About Love / Beautiful Days
Celsius is back once again with another release that'll raise the temperatures in seconds! This 12 comes from the hands of 'Command Strange'. After his successful 'Soul Booster' Album on Fokuz Recordings last year he's ready to show everybody what he can do. 'Talking About Love' is a lush sexy collab between 'Command Strange' & 'Intelligent Manners' that's just too perfect for the upcoming spring season. The hiphop breakdown shows little nods towards Mutt's sound but in its own way. The almost Cee-Lo Green ish vocals in the back aren't making this track hold back one bit. 'Beautiful Days' shows CS on the solo tip once again, in other words, brace yourself for a sweet delicate roller with a sharp edge. Lovely rolling breaks in the back and sensual piano strokes.
Artist:Enei / Eastcolours / Noel
Title:Cracker / Danger Dance
Label:Critical Music
Critical Music marches forward, tapping into yet more new talent for 2011 resulting in an absolutely filthy D&B excursion that has had the likes of Andy C going ballistic for it. Hailing from Russia, Enei, who has already bagged himself an exclusive album deal with Critical, Eastcolors and Noel may be familiar with a few but with this release they look set to cement themselves in the collective consciousness of drum & bass aficionados the world over. 'Cracker' is rough, rugged and very, very raw. Ultra-tech D&B could be the term to use as the trio of producers come together to deliver what could possibly even be one of Critical's biggest releases to date. Full of sick mid-ranges, snapping drums and sneaking subs, this one is cold, dry and full of funk that'll have people full-on skanking around clubs until the early hours. Absolute gold. Enei then goes it alone on the more experimental 'Danger Dance', that intros with a sparse arrangement of stalking pads and fx that set the mood of unrest. In bounces a low-slung bass and it's away we go on this gorgeously glitchy, 808-laden ride that sits perfectly alongside the likes of Rockwell and indeed Critical.
Artist:Morebeat Feat Gabanna / Dose
Title:Goodnight (Dose Remix)
Label:Fokuz Limited
FKZ:LTD is back on track with another uplifting 12 to raise your hands to! The New Zealand crusader Dose rises to the occasion once again for a 12 combining the old with the new. Morebeat & Gabanna's 'Goodnight' get the Dose treatment and gets ironed out to a wicked, slick roller. The addictive Dose beats get added for maximum rollige effect while tweaks and turns the sounds of the original. Dose proves himself as a steady remixer on this one as the original stays preserved in quarantine but assisted with the bare essentials needed to make to flow like only he knows to do. 'Time Strain' is a brand new production. A minimal yet effective roller. Keeping everything crispy and clean like only Dose knows how. A perfect choice for those early hour sets!
Artist:Cooh / Current Value / Dean Rodell
Title:Naglfar / Medicine
Label:Position Chrome
For centuries man has tried to prevent the mythological Nordic ship "Naglfar" from landing. Inspired by the "Edda"-Saga balkan wunderkind Cooh invites established german artist Current Value to join him on the aside. The result is an ultra-minimal, anthemic headbanger that once again defines techno-dnb. For the flip Cooh collaborates with legendary techno-producer, now turned dnb-head Dean Rodell. Their track "Medicine" is the best of both genres combined in an innovative yet relentless and quirky stomper that sure will cure every crowd! Cooh, Current Value and Dean Rodell will start their epic encounter.
Artist:CLS & Wax / Mutt
Title:Chronicles Of The Deep - Chapter 3
Finally available a very limited run of the 12inch series of the Fokuz album: Chronicles of the deep. This disc features the funky heavyweights CLS & Wax and Mutt.
Artist:Lynx / Greeley / Camo
Title:Chronicles Of The Deep - Chapter 1
Finally available a very limited run of the 12inch series of the Fokuz album: Chronicles of the deep. This disc features the highly anticipated LYNX track!
Title:Militant / Spies
Limited promo. Apexx recordings a brand new imprint from the heart of the midlands. This first release proudly brings you the sound of new artist who has being turning heads with his talent for production, releases on chronic, nam music & g13... DJ HARVEST This release has 2 big bangers straight out of the club with support of all the main A list djs in the circuit. Miltant does what it says on the tin sharp militant drums, perfect breaks and massive bassline this is one for any box and with a vocal hook that will send any dancefloor into a frenzy. Spies is the sneaky homage to 94/95 old jungle, perfect pads with warm bassline complimented with tight amens, this goes off where ever you play it.
Title:Aria EP (Double 12")
Label:Critical Music
Super limited white label hand stamped promo. Rockwell's rise to prominence as a rare, distinctive talent has been exciting the electronica music circuit the world over. Critical, thankfully, being the trusty forefront for all things audio-aesthetically delicious, presents the 'Aria EP' ? 4 tracks of sound sublime, exemplifying Rockwell's refreshing angle on energy in the club combined with the characteristic, meticulously playful technicals, precise and thrilling as ever. The charmingly rustic intro of 'Aria' unleashes striking Flinstones-esque wooden triplets, scaling the track as stirring vocals weave through; haunting and uplifting at once, the title-track exudes sheer class. Slightly more buoyant, 'Live For The Moment' infuses an energetic tempo with profusions of ear-carressing funk and those ever-characteristic percussive twists ? naughty all over. Swiftly plunged into apocalyptic darkness, the Ulterior Motive boys take a sinister liking to 'Noir'. Distinctly menacing and genuinely frightening, what better to bully the atmosphere than Hell-raising bass and staccato violins. Listen out for the breakdown bass ? horrific and enriching, this track is dark by Devil's definition. Icing on the cake collaboration with underground legend Untold comes in the form of 'Rehoku Sunrise', a tribal earthy worldly masterpiece of running drums and raw, wild samples, glazing the soul in bliss. Bellissimo.
Artist:Bad Robot
Title:Black Whip / Deep End
Label:Subsonik Sound
BaD RoBoT is the collective unit of Phetsta and Rregula, two cyborgs who have traveled back in time from 1980's to the present day. So far they have released on BSE's huge Endangered Species LP, Habit Recordings and Technique, with forthcoming material on Incite & Renegade .Their basslines are rough like metal... and they are both, in fact, made of metal. Their melodies are so beautiful they can make a robot understand why it is that Edward Furlong cries. Look out for the robots, they have lasers for eyes... the kind that hurt when you look at them for too long.
Various Artists-Bryan G Presents Liquid V Club Sessions Vol 3
2xCD |
Drum & Bass
Bryan G Presents Liquid V Club Sessions Vol 3 front
Artist:Various Artists
Title:Bryan G Presents Liquid V Club Sessions Vol 3
Label:Liquid V
This double CD feast comprises 33 tracks featuring classics like Lemon D's 'I can't Stop', remixed by Zero T. New Brazilian signings; Level 2 and Acuna bring the heat out of Sao Paulo. Liquid V favorites, S.P.Y, Mosus and Kabuki, are joined by new boys, Tayla and Furney. Roni Size makes a guest appearance, showcasing new vocalist, Joe on 'Rolling Stone'. This is vintage Roni, on this cover of a classic Temptations track, reminiscent of when he first came onto the scene, chopping up tunes with a fresh approach. Fellow Bristol native, D Product joins forces with Hollie G who delivers her trademark smooth, yet hard vocals on 'Tell Me How'. Serum and Calibre also make guest appearances. On CD2 you can catch a few gems you might have missed in the full unmixed version, including Calibre's 'Drowning' Kabuki's 'Beyond Words and Mosus & Zero T 'Call Waiting'. CD2 is deeper in the vibe, and there are a couple of down-tempo tracks from the new blood; Eveson, Mosus and S.P.Y mixing up the flavour a little, but still keeping it Liquid. This is not just a collection of tunes; it is a complete album that showcases some of the finest D&B talent, both established and new. The track list is mighty, the compilation as a whole; even mightier.
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