Title:Sleaze Please
Label:Aniligital Music
San Francisco sleaze connoisseurs Anthony Mansfield and Tal M Klein are back with their sixth joint EP under the AM/TM moniker; entitled, appropriately enough, Sleaze Please. If you file this track under nu-disco (or nu-anything for that matter), we will find you and punch you in the perineum. This is Sleaze music, it's dirty and unapologetic and will melt people's faces off. The title track, Sleaze Please, is not a modest number. She will destroy your bassbins and kick you in the nuts. At last count this track features no less than 10 analog synthesizers you've never heard of and drum machines that were invented before you were born. This track is so heavy that when we put it on a scale our phone number showed up. A mystery man who called himself Heisse Scheisse clandestinely delivered a monster remix on reel to reel tape inside a bullet proof suitcase which also contained a latex banana hammock. After billions of dollars of research and vaccines, our detective team found out the man behind the Heisse Scheisse remix was none other than Nick Chacona. When we confronted him with our findings he said, "What the hell were you thinking with that bassline, I fixed your stupid mess and made a better track than the original." He then shot us in the knees with a Desert Eagle .50 and took off in a solar powered jetpack. The other original track on this EP is "U WANT 2" which basically repeats "you want to" until everyone gets naked and crazy. It's delicate like an elephant with rabies on PCP. We recommend this track to people who are tired of playing records that sound like broken records. It's big, it's bad, it'll make you glad.
Title:Dip You
Label:Loungin Recordings
Haling from Glasgow's East End, Christopher McFarlane has been producing under his Mirrors stagename since the summer of 2011, whilst holding down ongoing involvements with the city's popular 'Offbeat' clubnight. Coincidently set to hit the racks on the eve of his 21stbirthday, Loungin' Recordings present the Glaswegian newcomer's first official EP. Comprised of the original version and 3 vastly different remixes, the West London-based imprint's 30thsingle release brings together 3 principal members of the new roster with a special, and rather unlikely, guest appearance. Signed by Loungin' within hours of label head Chris Belsey hearing it, Mirrors infectious original represents a truly unique production that could loosely be described as waltzer-disco. Backing up the A-side, Paraguayan trio LPZ return with their 3rdproduction for Loungin' by stripping out the original's keys and lifting the stems into 7-minutes of acid-driven house. Over on the flipside, Rotterdam's bruk-step lynchpin C.O.N.E makes his second appearance for the label via a typically dexterous rework that acts as a teaser for his forthcoming EP for Loungin'. Meanwhile, completing the package with something a little different, Tru Thought's dancehall duo Wrong Tom and Deemas J completely overhaul the original, with Deemas laying live vocals over Tom's skanking production.
Artist:Soul 223
Title:Almost Like It Used To Be EP
After Gerry Read's opening effort for the new house music aligned Delsin series, Soul 223 aka Steve Pickton steps up. Productions under this alias are few and far between for Pickton, but the man himself has been producing melodic, Detroit inspired sounds since the mid '90s, most often as Stasis on labels like Peacefrog and Mo Wax. A keen sense of melodic colour also characterises the four cuts that make up this EP, with the first, 'Almost Like It Used To Be' pairing radiant pads with a lolloping house beat and plenty of melted synth sounds. Next up, 'Arties Mood' slows to a Moodymann styled pace, layering percussive samples, keys and jazzy motifs onto of a lazy house beat to conjure a perfect sunny afternoon vibe. 'Heartstrings' is alive with the sound of the cosmos as it rolls on through organic sounding bongos, sharper claps and plenty of neon lines. Closing track 'Essex' has a gummy, gritty bottom end sweetened by more glistening melodies and key work, all the while chugging along at a most inviting deep house pace. This is mature, jazz flecked house music for the more considered moments of the day.
Title:Cocoon EP
Fur, born Bryce Isbell in Texas, extracts minutiae with precision. His compositions, while airily sparse, are saturated with details plucked from broad landscapes, whether they resemble the Texan prairie or the expanses of industrial Germany. Isbell's composite micro-samples are infinitesimal, soaked in breathless allusion and divorced from their context. The crisp, insistently percussive arrangements oscillate like metal shavings manipulated by an unseen magnet. Fur has untraditionally tapped into a European techno mind-meld, a Berlin thought-stream. After his early work with Neon Indian's Alan Palomo as Ghost Hustler, Isbell dove deep into the minimal sounds that transported listeners closer to inner city Detroit than the mid-west. Uno's first Fur EP 'Cocoon' follows several years of Isbell silence. After a notable debut with Lefse, Fur submerged below a sea of techno and came up with a deep analog style that's acquired fans in Fred P and Firecracker Records with twisting house like 'Knots'. With a second part in the Fur saga on the way, Uno has faith this young westerner will be putting a big Texan stamp on the house scene to come. The Fred P reshape of 'Cocoon' will be Download Of The Week on Little White Earbuds prior to release, and the video will premier on Pitchfork soon after.
Title:Black Square
Label:Rush Hour Recordings
After debuting earlier this year with the 'Plastic World' album, BNJMN returns to Rush Hour with his second long player. On 'Black Square', he evolves into a more fluid production style, largely by allowing more space into his music. By keeping his drums more sparse and light, his music takes even more of a serene, futuristic quality. A modern electronic classic, we dare to say. Braindance, anybody? Although a quick comparison is made between his music and that of early 90s UK electronica, BNJMN states that he is trying to stay current and not be influenced by the past, rather making music which is all about the moment. The 23 year old is also not too bothered about being connected to what else is going on in the musical world. Instead, he prefers to let himself be inspired by his surroundings of the sea and countryside on the south coast of England, something that definitely comes out in his music.
Artist:Paperclip People
Title:4 My Peepz
Label:Planet E
More remixes in the Planet E 20th Anniversary series!
Title:Where Does Your Mind Go?
Label:Sunday Best
Two times UK Beatbox Champion, Beardyman, pushes the envelope further than anyone else in the art of creating instant complex musical compositions - just using one mouth, 4 Kaoss pads, looping devices and a sampler. He is an international online phenomenon, pioneering the streaming of live performances from his own studio to tens of thousands of live viewers at a time and generating more viral video content than you could possibly imagine, clocking up over 50 million Youtube views!

"Where Does Your Mind Go" is a captivating Electro workout with catchy sinister vocal. Think Chemical Brothers vs Kele. And with remixes from Nu:Tone, Darkstarr, Doorly & JFB this is a serious package.
Title:The Year 3000
Label:Rush Hour Recordings
Braille debuts with his first single for Rush Hour Direct Current. The mind behind Braille is better known as Praveen, who forms Sepalcure (Hotflush) together with Machinedrum. He uses this new alias for his house orientated output. 'The Year 3000' is a vocal house mover of anthemic proportions. It craftily reworks a classic Chicago house vocal and gives it new life back into the future. Banging! 'Leavin Without You' is built around a heartfelt vocal soul sample, which cuts in and out of the mix leaving room for the music to really lift off. Braille creates a perfect balance between the old and the new and shows us the way forward. Double wham.
Artist:Martyn / Mike Stott
Title:All Nights
Label:All City Records
Artist:Darling Farah
Title:Berline EP
A living embodiment of the internet's new production generation, Darling Farah is like a shot of adrenalin, administered by his own mind to escape from the anesthetized music scene of his home, the United Arab Emirates. Despite living in one of the most club-barren countries in the world and a city that prohibits live music to be played in public, the talented 18 year old has managed to master the art of production and spawn an underground scene all on his own. Originally from Detroit, Farah was born into this world with techno already sewn into his DNA, something that despite his reclocation, came to the forefront of his mind as early as 16. Now regarded as the leader of a new, curious underground scene that resists the lock-down of the the UAE's mainstream culture, Farah has truly positioned himself as the ultimate innovator, and already has an extensive web-based following tapping into his work. His debut EP signals the arrival of this go to producer on European soil. 'Berline', like Farah himself, draws on a variation of musical styles to bring a sound totally of its own. The stripped down beat and subtle swing of minimal is given a fresh electro sensibility from the distorted chords and cut up vocals. Fused together with the sophistication of house and even a hint of dub, 'Berline' is the perfect way for Farah to introduce himself to the rest of the world. On top of the original version, a tasty trio of vinyl remixes add volume to Farah's new breed sound; Funkineven (Eglo) delivers a futuristically-styled big acid mix ("is fierce! am supporting" - Erol Alkan), renowned Austrian microgroover Clara Moto takes the track into wonky minimal house territory, and the package closes with a deep and stylish techno rework from Christian Martin, Claude Von Stroke's right hand man at Dirty Bird. Limited pressing in high quality textured / spot-varnished picture jacket.
Artist:A Guy Called Gerald
Title:Tronic Jazz The Berlin Sessions Vol 3
Label:Laboratory Instinct
Second in a series of four limited edition 12-inch singles constituting the vinyl release of A Guy Called Gerald's killer new album 'Tronic Jazz : The Berlin Sessions' - a powerful statement of intent that communicates more persuasively than ever Gerald's vision for techno in its third decade of existence. 'Tronic Jazz' follows a certain minimalist impulse, but it's far too lush ever to be mistaken for the dread "mnml" of recent years. This stuff is wide-eyed and full of life. When it funks, it funks hard, and when it smoothes out, it can be as intimate as a hand-written note left on a lover's pillow. Yet as "classic" in tone as 'Tronic Jazz' may be, it's no retro trip ... instead, Gerald uses the foundations of house and techno as a language of his own, and speaks volumes with them. This plate carries four tracks; A1. Iland A2. Just Soul B1. Round Eco B2. The Dip
Title:Global Pillage
Label:Airtight Records
Warehouse find, limited copies available!
Artist:A Guy Called Gerald
Title:Proto Acid: The Berlin Sessions 2
Label:Laboratory Instinct
Following the first critically acclaimed 'Proto Acid' album, the Berlin-based acid house innovator A Guy Called Gerald provided a taster for what to expect from the second instalment. 'Voltar' (Bring Da Rain mix) starts with shuffling drums and tribal beats, but as the track evolves, haunting sounds and Native American Indian chanting are gradually introduced. 'Voltar' builds and builds, reaching a filtered climax, and after it breaks down, tripped out bass lends a more DJ-friendly direction. The end result is an adventurous take on house music. 'Sweet You' (Bitter Mix) is an entirely different matter and shows that Gerald is still adept at crafting deep dance floor grooves. Subtle breaks and understated drums provide the basis for dreamy Motor City chords, a plunging, resonating bassline and old school piano keys. As its title suggests, 'Sweet You' is a beautifully evocative piece of music that'll appeal to the heart, head and feet.
Artist:Low Limit VS Lando Kal
Title:The Golden Handshake EP
Like a live transmission from the party you wish you were at, the 'Golden Handshake' EP is the d?but release on Numbers, showcasing the considerable talents of Low Limit and Lando Kal (aka Lazer Sword). In Lazerland, no genre is an island; each merges with every electronic form in a stylistic melting pot, so that hip hop swagger, bitcrushed synths, Oizo-esque funk and bowel-worrying subs mock any preconceived notion of purity. Opener '3D Action Jackson' emerges like a squashed house apparition, morphing into a half-speed arpeggiated symphony. Elsewhere, Drexciyan lead lines ghost ride atop a crunked out slo-mo funk chassis, and rigidly sparse Neptunes percussion provides ample backbone for the sleazy flesh of melody. Six tracks of goalpost-shifting dynamite, so hot the wax is melting.
Artist:Ulysses & Filipsson
Title:Endless Take EP
Holmar Filipsson and Elliot Taub have once again got together again to produce a fine EP at Bearfunk. Both are New York City resisidents but Holmar is originally from Iceland. Holmar is a busy chap, what with running his Crack & Speed, and Thugfucker labels and appearing with Sasse in the Filipsson and Lindblad project. The music they make is pure Bearfunk, slick Disco grooves with high production values. First us is a remix of "The Endless" from Italian legend Alexander Robotnick. Here the layers are stripped back for a houseier dancefloor excursion while retaining that streak of Italian Robotnick flair. Hibernation track "Fluffy Amadeus" is next up, here displaying slickness and 80's inspired grooves. Over on the B-side "The Endless" weighs in at gargantuan 11.24 minutes. Some crisp sounding drum programming and filmic textures drive this atmospheric soundscape along. Plisskens groove rounds things off with some digital synth grooves, just like long lost track from the Optical Race era of late 80's Tangerine Dream.
Artist:Thunderous Olympian
Title:Turbo Charged EP
Artist:Jeff Mills
Title:The Defender
Artist:Various Artists
Title:Nang Presents : The Array Vol 1
From the upcoming Array compilation on newcomer disco grovoid label Nang, here they pick 4 of the most vinyl friendly tracks. Things open up with a classic, "Magic Fly" from French, astro-disco pioneers Space. Here in its newly re-mastered fuller form.

Next up is Slovenian based Ichisan and Nakova getting nu disco with their electric bass swingfest "Pionir". Things get really interesting half way through with spy-like picked electric guitar lines.

Things stay Slovenian for "White Russian (Lazy Summer)" from in-demand, one-man-analog-synth-museum Sare Havlicek. Here his guitarist Rob comes all over Barry White for a 80's laden disco funk romper.

Foto (Plastic 'Enzo' Fantastic and Kevin 'DOP' Swain) don their Baleric Disco hat for "No Protection". Cowbell and rolling bass synth underpin, moody pads & Tnisha Johnson's sulty vocal.
Title:The Dance Paradox
After many much-acclaimed EP releases, mysterious Berlin producer Redshape presents his debut album. One of techno's most enigmatic figures, Redshape makes timeless analogue techno with a Detroit edge. Rarely interviewed and with his identity kept a well guarded secret, his reclusive persona contributes heavily to the aura of romance and drama that surrounds his recorded output. As complex and mysterious as it's creator, 'The Dance Paradox' is a profound work of skill and vision that will be referenced as a techno, house and electronic benchmark for many years.
Artist:Kazey & Bulldog
Title:Ridin' High Vol 1
Label:Dress 2 Sweat
Brand new six track release from Parisians Kazey & Bulldog; the follow up to their worldwide club smashing 'Dirty Wheels EP'. Fans of the duo include Busy P, Craze, DJ Mehdi, DJ Orgasmic, Ayres, Sinden, Tittsworth, Scottie B, DJ Klever and just about everyone. Includes a hot Baile Funk influenced remix from DJ Sanrinho of Man Recordings. Limited edition with full colour picture sleeve.
Artist:Journeyman Vs Barrcode
Title:No Exception (Remixes)
Label:Ho-Ju Records
Ho-Ju Records' debut 12 gets a massive dose of remix freshness from two of the finest producers in the UK and AUS. On the A-Side Aquasky flips Riddim n Culture on its head and rips out one of the most twisted basslines ever to hit the airwaves. Australia's Micah Black transforms his trademark breaks sound turning No Exception into a charging Electro-House epic. With Annie Nightingale providing huge support for the originals you can bet this remix package is going to be HUUGGGGEEEEEEE!
Artist:Rocha & Lewinger
It's been a year since Rocha and Lewinger were unleashed into the world, destroying DC10 and Space Terrace and infiltrating the crates of Sven Vath and Matthew Dear. Leaving behind their trademark tribal percussion they create a simplistic yet devastating track that encapsulates the current mood of the dancefloor across the globe. Remix duties fall to Skylark, aka Nic Fanciulli and Andy Chatterly.
Artist:James Pants Meets Egyptian Lover
Title:Cosmic Rapp
Label:Stones Throw
James Pants' music is like a breath of fresh air; his sound whizzes by you when least expected, which is what makes it so distinctive. Pants went from being a high school kid with a musical crush on Peanut Butter Wolf to an intern at the Stones Throw Label to an artist on the label's roster - an essential magical carpet ride where he was able to grow and learn musically from the environment he was now immersed in. Along the way he created the critically acclaimed 'Welcome' LP, a gold mine for funk, soul, rock and pure madness. Coming out now with the six track 'Cosmic Rapp' EP, the futuristic sounds he effortlessly generates are heightened to a greater level of intensity, proving to be more talented then what was known, and taking its audience into a deeper appreciation of his music. The title track is remixed by the legendary West Coast electro producer Egyptian Lover (vocal & inst versions), and on 'Looks that Kill', Pants' utilization of the bass sounds almost similar to the bass Paul Simon used on Graceland. No one else on an independent hip hop record label can so naturally combine heavy synthesizers with the rock of the 90s. Also includes 'Devilry & Sorcery', 'Tape Rolls', and 'A Leaf In The Forest'.
Artist:Rio Padice
Title:Twin Peaks EP Peak 2
After his stunning debut 'Road To Aberqueque' EP, Neapolitan producer Rio Padice is back on Metroline Limited with a solid tech-house flavoured four tracker. Metroline's answer to Agent Dale Cooper, Rio Padice, strolls nonchalantly into town in search of some damn fine coffee, and in return, delivers another stunning four track EP. First up is 'One Eyed Jacks', a straight up, Strictly Rhythm-style monster, bringing to mind the days when all you needed to make a pounder was a 909, an AKAI sampler and some old jazz records, but with his own, thoroughly new twist. 'Northwest Passage' is a warm, rolling house groove, perfect for terrace on a hot summer night, with a deep, beat-down bass synth undulating under a simple percussion groove. 'Masked Ball' is rich, warm and with a huge punch and a kick-in-the-gut bassline that is guaranteed to raise the roof, and the EP's closer, 'Chekmate', takes things in a slightly dubbier direction, with its pacey and punchy bowel-moving bass.
Artist:Boys Noize
The first new Boys Noize tracks since his debut album 'Oi Oi Oi' in 2007. Boys Noize has been busy touring the globe and producing bombs for US artists and Gonzales, but now the label boss is back home with a two-track appetizer from his upcoming new album. The single is a double A-sided salute featuring 'Starter', a classic Boys Noize banger in 'Oi' style, and 'Jeffer', an all-time-fresh-summer-disco-hammer to fall in love with.
Title:Runark EP
Label:Fools Gold Records
Italy has been producing a slew of interesting new electronic producers as of late. The latest and greatest of these rave exports is Rocco Rampino, better known to partygoers around the globe as Congorock, and Fool's Gold now introduces his bleeped-out, bass-heavy brand of club sonics to the world at large. Congorock's debut single 'Runark' is a buzzing four-and-a-half minutes of heart-attack breakbeats, ghetto house thump, and Sega Genesis synthesizer madness. The chunky anthem serves as a perfect calling card for this young producer, who in the space of a few months went from drumming in a hardcore band, to chopping up beats with his mentor Bob Rifo of the Bloody Beetroots, to producing hyperactive remixes for the likes of Rex The Dog and Boys Noize Records' Djedjotronic while touring the globe off the strength of his sweaty and imaginative DJ sets. 'Runark' comes backed with an awesomely proggy remix by FG labelmates Jokers Of The Scene, as well as the jacking Congorock originals 'Exodus' and 'Hybro', all wrapped up in psychomystical sleeve art from Dust La Rock. Support from Annie Mac, Crookers, Kid 606 and more.
Artist:Various Artists
Title:This Is What The Universe Sounds Like
Label:Universal Vibes
Universal Vibes is proud to present its first label compilation, a retrospective looking back at their first year of digital and vinyl releases and also previewing a few new faces and forthcoming releases. With it's freestyle music policy, taking in broken beats, dubstep, deep house, techno, hip hop, funk, soul, disco and all points between, label founder Paddy Freeform describes the sound as Future Soul Music for the dance floor. The album showcases music from Surra, Andy Ash, Poussez, Jafar and Bobby Strobe, The Onas, Strange Worlds, Jaffasurfa and Young David. Label head honcho Paddy Freeform gets involved producing a few exclusive re-edits and remixes under his Soulsonix production alias, as well as mixing the CD. 'This Is What The Universe Sounds Like Part 1' rounds up the deep dancefloor side of the label's output. Part 2 will feature the more downbeat, laid back sounds and will be released later in the year.
Artist:U-Man Feat Squidly Cole
Title:Special Blend
Label:Down The Bush
DOWN THE BUSH 005 see's the return of U-MAN Featuring SQUIDLY COLE, Son of STRANGEJAH COLE The Kingston Reggae ska Legend (Credited with writing the first reggae song, 'Bangarang') and producer, vocalist and drummer with/for almost everyone in Jamaican music (working with Ziggy Marley, Damian Marley & Lauryn Hill to name just a few). Heavy on the horns, drums and sirens, these Reggae infused monsters should MASH UP! any dance. Plus over on the flip instrumentals of all 3 tracks, Garranteed to rock any party this summer!
Artist:Simon Baker
Title:NY Summer
Simon Baker returns to his hometown label with two excellent pieces of his trademark deep, electronic, percussive house music. Plus remix from rising star Julian Chaptal.
Artist:Trevor Loveys
Title:Good To Be Here EP
Label:Loungin' Recordings
Kicking into 2009 with a bang, Trevor Loveys is back on Loungin' again with his first artist EP in 5 years since the Outside In EP in 2004. Trevor has featured in the meantime as part of the Loungin' kollective, Li'll Bo Tweak and has collaborated on the forthcoming The Young Lovers album due for release in April 2009. From the onset this EP is Trevor going back to his roots delivering straight up dance floor house music with a little something for the soul. Chips n Curry is a current sounding number that should keep the main room chugging with the wobbly baselines and tough beats. In addition the title track Good To Be Here is an absolute killer another bumpy main room number with a build to die for that I'm sure will be dropped well into the summer this year. Both Vibin' & Wayback are nice second track numbers with a deeper groove sound that are very reminiscing of the old House of 909 sound that Trevor is first remembers for. In both cases you can hear Trevor's love for the music and can tell how much fun he has had making these tracks.
Title:Remix Stories Volume Two
Label:Surrender All
As testament to UNKLE's passion for vinyl they are releasing a 12" white label featuring two of the best remixes from 'War Stories' and 'End Titles'. Innervisions remix of 'Hold My Hand' is one of the only remixes they have done as a band with all three members Henrik, Ame and Dixon. Carl Craig and Fergie's remix of 'Trouble in Paradise (Variation On A Theme)' is from the BMW advert 'See how it Feels'. This track was also extended for UNKLE's most recent release 'End Titles'. On the A-side is title track 'Jelle', a twisted cut of supreme techno with crisp beats, a frantic melody a killer driving pulse. Bringing it back down to earth is 'Stutter', an enigmatic slice of tech-house, all snares and hi-hats shuffling along in a skippy little number with off-kilter bassline and stabs. The final track here is 'Please', a chunky slab of a track punching its way through the floor and twisting minds as it goes with its warping synths and infectious groove.
Artist:Mihalis Safras / Mark Broom / Kuipers
For the latest guest EP on Soma Records, the label welcomes along Mihalis Safras & Mark Broom. Following the success of Itamar Sagi's guest EP on Soma Records, the label now welcome along two more of their favourite producers for a special guest release. House and techno overlord Mark Broom teams up with the mastermind behind Material Series, Mihalis Safras, in a vigorous 12" that will knock hell out of the dancefloor.
Title:All In! Ten Years Of Poker Flat
Label:Poker Flat Recordings
10 years ago an up and coming DJ & Producer named Steve Bug launched a label as an output for a very special new sound... And thus Poker Flat Recordings was born! 10 years on, over 100 singles, and 23 albums later the label has risen from glorious strength to strength, boasting an international artist roster including the most revered names in the scene. This anniversary compilation is a real must have!
Title:Non Fiction EP
Label:Creative Space
The Funcken brothers Don and Roel, aka Funckarma, return to Creative Space under their experimental techno guise Cane, a medium for their more dance-oriented tracks, with 4x4 beats that constantly morph into alternating rhythmic forms, deep acid lines and electroid experiments. A collection of eight tracks across two pieces of vinyl, covering the various faces of their project, from deep techno excursions to high voltage electro beats, acid explosions and rhythmic juxtapositions, 'Non Fiction' is an EP of dancefloor devastating tech-tronica.
Artist:Unknown (BD240)
Artist:Audiofillia / Let's Go Outside
Title:Easy / You Make Me Struggle
Label:Soma Beta
Soma proudly launch SomaBeta, the imprint's offshoot tailored for new emerging talent. As part of Soma's continuing support of new music Somabeta will provide an avenue for fresh, upcoming producers to have their work released on Scotland's biggest exporter of electronic music, welcoming work from artists around the world. The label commences with an incredible double A-side. Audiofillia are production duo Andy Dabula from Argentina and Daniel Jaramillo from Ecuador. Together they create a unique combination of sci-tec atmospheres, sweet Latin flavoured grooves and deep melodic sounds. On the flip is Soma's techno menace, Let's Go Outside. After LGO conducted a mammoth remix competition earlier in 2008 in association with the FOEM community of young artists, Jean Ramesse came out as winner and finally makes his Soma debut here with his remix of 'You Make Me Struggle', a thunderous rampage on the original, playing with dynamics in the extreme, toying with your ears until one final, massive jacking session finishes you off.
Artist:Mike Lennon
Label:Blurred Vision
Detroit stabbed & glitchy bleep tech-house to minimal techno, Incl David Forbes Rmx (Deetox, Combined Force)
Artist:Moston & Malente
Title:Do The Right Thing
Moston & Malente return to Splank sending out a message to all the wrongdoer's and wrongdoing's in this world, encouraging moralistic and positive action amongst us all, with their new single 'Do The Right Thing'. 2 versions of an absolutely belter, which promises to further cement their position as purveyors of the very finest electronic dance music. Lars Moston has been hectic in the studio this year with sometime production partner Duncan Whiteley, honing their own original sound they've provided remixes for Fil OK and Daniel Dexter, whilst Malente has recently enjoyed a release on Exploited with the dancefloor bomb that is 'Hyperactive', as well as having releases lined up on 2 of the most discerning labels in dance music 'Fools Gold' and 'Southern Fried'. 'Do The Right Thing' has all the elements of a classic Moston & Malente production, an infectious hook, uplifting breakdowns and a vocal edit which adds a jacking groove to the proceedings. And just as an extra treat, there are 2 versions, one taking a more direct electro route, whilst on the alternative mix the bassline is twisted and wobbled to notch up the wonk factor. On remix duties, scene stalwarts Twocker step up first, adding squelchy bassline's, big room grooves and first class production, demonstrating why they possess such an esteemed profile. New kid on the block Clark Able shows why he's talk of the town with his version, dropping a completely original sound, going to work on the vocal, warped bass sounds and off-beat percussion.
Artist:The Loungin Collective
Title:Riddim Come Forward
Label:Loungin' Recordings
Riddim Come 4ward has its roots in a very messy night back in the day when Trevor Loveys and Chris Belsey had had one too many and got talking about old skool rave. Get your glowsticks and whistles ready!
Title:Paranormal Underpants
Label:Kindred Sounds
Kriece comes correct with more druggy techy house for his Kindred Sounds label and with a top notch remix from the man like Robert Babicz aka Rob Acid this is one 12" sure to please!
Artist:Aphex Twin
Title:Analogue Bubblebath (Dumb Dan Re-Edit)
Clear Vinyl! A nice redo of a classic AFX tune that was first released way back in 1991 by Mighty Force Records. Check it out.
Artist:Claude Vonstroke/Groove Armada
Title:Want 2 Need 2 Whistle
All the big boys get mashed together to make one hell of a bootleg!! Trentemollers "Want 2 Need 2" gets spliced with Claude Von Strokes "Who's Afraid Of Detroit" and "The Whistler" alongside a healthy dose of Aroove Armada. One not to miss!
Artist:2's Company
Title:Da Bleep
After tearing up the dance floors in space and ministry of sound, and with 2's co getting massive props from Nic Fanculli, this track is bound to fly off the shelves! The DKS "wonk mix" has been getting battered by James Zabielia amongst others!
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