Artist:Quarta 330 / Cardopusher
Title:Sabacco / Homeless (Quarta 330 remix)
After the 8-bit cult classic success of his debut Hyperdub release, which surprised dancefloors around the world in late 2007 and continues to do so today, Tokyo's Quarta 330 returns with some fresh beats to crown the close of 2008. Both tracks were previewed in clipped form on the recent BBC Radio 1 Hyperdub Showcase. On 'Sabacco', Quarta takes one step outside of the video game console, expanding his palette, with his signature synths lacing scattered, highly-swung snares in a lush and melodic slice of broken techno. On the flip, Mr. 330 steps up to remix renegade Venezuelan bassman Cardopusher, with a refix of 'Homeless' that returns to the crunchy arcade vibes of 'Sunset Dub' and the '9 Samurai' remix' showcased on his previous release. A strong outing that adds bonus points to his earlier Hyperdub high score.
Title:Selection / Vancouver
Martyn has employed the skills of two of the biggest names in underground music right now, 2562 and Flying Lotus, to take on re-rubs of the lead tracks from his last two 12"s on 3024. 2562 takes his signature 2-step techno hybrid visions to a deep new level on his remix of 'Vancouver', a spiralling hypnotic rhythm and lush bassline that would naturally work great in a big club, while Flying Lotus uses his frantic glitch-hop skills to carve out a new way of viewing 'Natural Selection' with his 'Cleanse Mix'. A sublime and totally fresh release that will appeal to the leftwards hip hop community, the deep techno heads, and the dubsteppers alike.
Artist:Sully / Bowzer & DZ
Title:Heartbeat / Another Day
Label:Mugwell Bill
Some nice chilled, dubstep with a vocal hit and riff that will make you move, flip it over for a slightly basser alternative. Very nice.
Artist:Bar 9 / Hektagon / Quantum Soul / Riskotheque
Title:Z Audio EP 1
Label:Z Audio
Riskotheque - After the success of audio freaks five (Just You & Dream State) Riskotheque is back with another sonic assault on the senses! With growling synth leads and epic beats this is a must have release! Quantum soul - On the other side of another top quality Quantum Soul release. Bar 9 - Tear out Dubstep superstars Bar 9 are back with another bass heavy cut of pure dirtiness for your listening pleasure! Hektagon - The mighty Hektagon keeps things techy on the flip with "finders keepers", another electro inspired belter from the cheeky Spaniard!
Artist:Unknown (BD150)
Title:Eko Warrior / Licence / My Love
Big bad heavy 100% dance floor smasher business. Laced with old samples from the depths of the underground, this one mixes the old and the new, with devastating effect.
Title:Brand New / OC / Edge Of Heaven
Label:Optimuz Productions
This one's really gonna raise the bar for the Optimuz Productions imprint. Techy, dubby, deep and basically just sick! These three have been doing the rounds on all the usual stations and in all the usual places. Play em, play em again louder, play em to your dog and to your neighbours. This is not one to be missed!
Artist:Rob Sparx
Title:Trooper / Bar 9 Remix
From his forthcoming album, Rob Sparks brings "Trooper". On the flip is yet another brilliant Bar 9 remix of a great track. This is a must have 12".
Artist:Stenchman & Suspect
Title:Seagully / The Crow
Label:Essence Of Dub
Two of the hottest producers of 2008 kick off this new label with some frill-free straight up dubstep. With releases on 10 Bag, XS Dubs, Rotten and Heavy Load already under the belt, Stenchman has infected his crazy basslines into many a DJ set worldwide. 'Seagully' shows off his more futuristic full bodied sound. Suspect delivers the goods on the flip with the freaky heavyweight 'The Crow'.
Artist:Blackmass Plastics
Title:Mutate To Survive EP
Label:Rag & Bone
Coinciding with his track on the imminent 'YM002' EP on ScanOne's Yellow Machines, the mighty Blackmass Plastics delivers an exceptional action packed four tracker that fuses heavy 4/4 bassline sounds with dirty electroid breakiness. It's been a while since we've heard something uptempo from the man who creates more tunes per hour than anybody else, but then he has been busy knocking out some excellently twisted dubstep tracks as both BMP and Crooked One. On top of this, man of the moment Kanji Kinetic (Trouble & Bass, Rag & Bone, Coin Operated) gets enlisted for remix duty and serves up an epic fix of 'Future Past' complete with old skool references and contemporary bassline flavours. The 'Mutate To Survive' EP will please many ears. Blackmass Plastics' pedigree is second to none. Already responsible for two well received solo EPs on Rag & Bone, he has also been a regular contributor to the musical output of Combat Recordings, both as artist and remixer of the likes of Scorn, King Cannibal, Cursor Minor, ScanOne and Dexorcist. Releases have also surfaced on the French label SMB, Dead Silence's Audio Illusion, Digital Distortionz and Bow Wow. And somehow he still finds time to run the 'true to the core' labels Dirty Needles and Thorn Industries.
Artist:King Midas Sound
Title:Cool Out EP [ inc. Dabrye & Flying Lotus remixes ]
King Midas Sound is Kevin 'The Bug' Martin and the angelically-voiced Roger Robinson, who first came together on The Bug's 2003 Rephlex LP 'Pressure'. With Martin taking a more blissed out, but equally deranged approach from that of his new epic Bug album 'London Zoo', the King Midas Sound is 21st Century jilted lovers rock. First surfacing on Kode9's Sonar mix from the summer of 2007, and heavily in demand ever since then, 'Cool Out' is finally getting the release we've all been holding our breath and turning purple for. If that wasn't enough, this EP also features two previews from the forthcoming King Midas Sound album, in the form of remixes by two producers known for sending their off-beats into orbit. Graced and defined by Roger's sweet, sweet vocals, 'Cool Out' is a hymn to the ever persistent ghosts and mutations of Jamaican sound system culture. The remixes of 'Lost' and 'One Ting' on the flipside take that same spirit into hip hop peripheries. Dabyre's rendition of 'One Ting' laces his funk with unexpected and shrill shards of early Detroit techno, while Flylo captures the essence of 'Lost' with a suicidal Japanese monologue and dysfunctional bleeps and crunches. Another tale of the unexpected from Hyperdub and taster of the forthcoming KMS album due later in 2008.
Artist:Revolt OP
Title:Screwdub / Yout Man
Yet more wicked stuff on this label, home to previous releases from the likes of Komonazmuk, Tes La Rok and Djunya, as Revolt OP drops two hard destroyers in a bad boy dubstep style. Both drop the tempo and up the dread-count for a pair of heavy rockers that will add a chill atmosphere to any dance, and thats not in a chilout way. 'Screwdub' does it with spooky sub-bass tones, while 'Yout Man' lays thick the rastaman vibations.
Artist:Zen Militia
Title:Sleepy Walker
Label:Z Audio
Dark Dubstep brought to us from Z Audio.
Label:Alphabet Set
Donal and John have been producing music under this name for two years. Their live shows are driven by heavy bass and drums processed by a system of their own construction. Song structures, tempos and rhythms are improvised on the fly. This allows for reactive performances based on context; chaotic parties inform chaotic renditions of songs, quieter affairs see a quieter musical return. This double A side 10" from the Irish duo melds abrasive electronic polyrhythms onto a heavy sub bass that drives the tracks relentlessly,Lord feels epic, it builds tension from the opening bar and delivers an ending that will bring dance floors to meltdown. Block with its caustic synths and ultra tight drum programming is more subtle but just as heavy.
Title:Randomer EP Part 2
Label:Audio Freaks
Part 2 of the Randomer EP on Audio Freaks is a journey into deep, dark territory with moody synths washing over everything and basslines you wouldn't take home to your mother!
Artist:Bar 9
Title:Attack Of The Killer Bass Freaks - Part 1
Label:Audio Freaks
One of the most solid releases we have heard to date, sub bass damage assured. Both sides are killers with their unmistakable sound!
Title:Just You / Dream State
Label:Audio Freaks
Riskotheque (pronounced risk-oh-tek) makes his debut on Audio Freaks with the absolutely massive "Just You", the track starts with some eerie female vocals before dropping into a huge bassline that instantly pricks the ears of the listener and will more than certainly get the dance floor jumping! Backed with an equally well produced b-side, dream state, this is one must have Dubstep 12".
Artist:Alien Pimp/Alchemyst/Taz Buckfasta
Title:Multiple Options / LFO Business / Bumba
Deep roughness for multiple options, LFO Business is a rewind champion; with a unique blend of harsh synths and a drop of dnb-like breaks. Bumba is good for spicing up a DJ set with its organic sounds so rarely represented in the dubstep scene.
Artist:Reso & Roguestar/Toasty Boy
Title:No Such Thing As Fate / Live Life Feel It
Label:Urban Graffiti
Floaty synths, bad ass bass, Reso & Roguestar have delivered it again with one of our most played tracks here in Boxdub HQ ...
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